Halloween Party Ideas: Use a Checklist to Keep Track of What You Need

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Do you love throwing spooktacular Halloween parties? If so, you’ll want to use a checklist to make sure you get everything you need, from food to decorations. Why? Because planning a party takes time and is a lot of work. And you may get overwhelmed with everything that you have to buy and do. Keep reading to find out what should be on your Halloween party checklist. Plus, it may help you think of other Halloween party ideas that you may not have thought of before. 

Halloween Party Ideas: A Checklist Will Make Sure You Get Everything You Need

Halloween party checklist

You may have great Halloween party ideas, but you’ll want to use a checklist to ensure that you get everything for that wickedly fun day. Here’s what you’ll need:

Halloween Party Games

You can’t have a party without Halloween games. A few classics include bobbing for apples, candy corn count, and Halloween charades (guess movies, characters, etc.). Don’t forget to give out prizes to the winners!

Party Favors

You can have all sorts of Halloween party favors, from goblin bars to witch hats. However, you’ll want to consider those who have food allergies. Make sure you have something for everyone.


Decorate your home with pumpkins! Whether you carve your own or buy pumpkins with painted faces, place them inside and outside of your home. Put a rechargeable tea light candle inside of the pumpkin instead of a real one because it’s safer.

Halloween Party Food

Think about the types of Halloween party food you’d like to serve. Will you serve appetizers and snacks? How about a buffet or a spooky pasta dish? What about dessert? There are plenty of Halloween food ideas for your adult Halloween party. Again, keep in mind that some of your guests may have food allergies. In fact, you may want to find out who’s allergic to what foods.

Halloween Party Drinks

When you serve drinks, keep in mind that some people may not drink. Serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and keep them cold in a rolling cooler. After all, you don’t want them to be warm, do you?

Halloween Decor

Consider using unique decorating ideas for your adult Halloween party, from witches to zombies. You may even use Halloween door decorations, indoors and outdoors, and Halloween table decorations. Dress up your fireplace with a mantel scarf and pumpkin glass lights and hang spooky black Halloween garland or color changing garland throughout your home. Cover your dining chairs with batty bat chair covers. But keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo it – less is more!

Halloween Party Music

Consider the type of music you’ll play. Will it be Halloween Hits all night long? Or will you mix it up? Our H2GO™ Bluetooth® Waterproof Speaker will keep the music playing. Since it’s waterproof, you could float it in a cool punch bowl, one that’s filled with colored water for a cool decorative effect.

Tableware and Drinkware

What’s a Halloween party without fun tableware! You’ll need festive plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives, cups, plates, and a booti-ful orange tablecloth. After all, you don’t want your table to get dirty, do you? And instead of using your regular glassware, use fun drinking glasses with ghoulish characters and Halloween sayings on them.


Serve your guests refreshing drinks from a personalized all-purpose glass pitcher. If you have a veggie tray, use an iced serving bowl to keep everything crisp and fresh. Guests can help themselves to can and bottled beverages from an inflatable serving bar.


Instead of having to run to the store for ice, make your own with a portable ice maker. This way you’ll always have fresh ice cubes.

Halloween Lights

A Halloween prop doesn’t have to be over-the-top. For example, you could use indoor lights like a marquee boo sign, chilling Beware sign to set the mood, and lighted witches hats to set the mood.

First-Aid Kit and Flashlights

In spite of being careful, accidents happen. Always have a first-aid kit and flashlights like portable multi-directional LED lights, and a rechargeable LED lantern on hand just in case you need them.

Trash Bags and Cans

Of course, you’ll want to keep your home clean so make sure you have plenty of trash bags and cans. Our portable trash bag holder will do the trick. Guests can easily throw out their garbage. Also, you may consider using a couple of trash bags and cans for recyclables.

Are You Ready to Plan a Halloween Party?

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Picture your Halloween party. Everyone you invited showed up wearing incredible costumes; they’re having a great time.

Not only will your Halloween party be one to remember thanks to the delicious food, music, and games, but you didn’t stress out because you had your Halloween party checklist to keep you on track.

Does this seem impossible?

It’s not.

All you have to is download our Halloween party checklist (keep it in a safe place) or bookmark this blog post so you can refer back to it. Share it, too! And one more thing: start thinking about how you can top last year’s party.

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