Halloween Party Ideas for Kids – Indoor

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids Indoor

Of course the first place to start when gathering your indoor Halloween party ideas for kids is with the pumpkins. You can either carve some Halloween Sayings or fun character faces into your pumpkin or you can just draw them on with a permanent marker. If you choose to carve your pumpkin, you’ll need to clean it out by removing all of the insides, including the seeds, which you can later cook and make toasted pumpkin seeds.

Once the pumpkin is cleaned out, light it up with a Flameless Tea Light Candle. Please remember adult supervision is always recommended while carving pumpkins.

After your pumpkin has been carved and cleaned, simply drill small holes into the pumpkin and stick some Halloween suckers into it. The sucker pumpkin makes a great Halloween party decoration as well as a fun display to hold your suckers.

If spider webs and cheesecloth are too scary for your guests, use black streamers around the house to create a Halloween atmosphere. You can use fluorescent paint and black lights to create fun Halloween displays and make sure to use flameless candles for the lighting.

To decorate your tables, you can use hay or straw and lay it on top of your tablecloths. Drop fake plastic spiders or rubber snakes on the hay to give it a rustic feel. Fill your vases with dried flowers, brown leaves or dead branches. Add some creepy hands to your Halloween party decor by filling plastic gloves with a gelatin like substance and sitting them out on the table. Cover your table legs with a pair of Halloween Witch Table Legs that simply slide over your furniture legs and then tighten with a drawstring. Inspired by the wicked witch’s legs in the Wizard of Oz, the Halloween Witch Table Legs feature an orange or purple striped fabric complete with black pointy shoes at the base. Hang some fake bats on a Halloween Prop Spinning Motor from the ceiling above your food table and your guests will think that they are not the only ones who were invited the party.

Drape cheesecloth, black lace or streamers up your stairs, on your banisters, along your mantles and over your lamp shades to give your house a more decrepit look. Mix in some Halloween lights that flicker an orange glow and attached to some black gauzy material. Go to your local craft store and you can find some Halloween wall clings to stick on your stairs and up your walls to complete your look.

If your Halloween guests are old enough, set up a side table and drape it with cheesecloth, black lace or a Halloween table cover and sit a couple of empty dirty jars and bottles and a misting/fog machine on top. Make sure the area is dark and only lit by a couple of waxy burned-down candles or an up-light on the floor. In the center of the table, place a Witch’s Spellbook. Sit some realistic Halloween crows and feathered owls around the book.

Next to your table, pose a towering, 6-ft tall Halloween witch, draped in a dark gown with frizzy gray hair and a latex face. As a guest approaches, her red eyes light up and she begins to utter scary sayings that are sure to spook anyone who approaches. You can also lay some fake body parts and more spooky crows around the table.

Add spooky mist to your Halloween party decorations with a mist machine that you can usually pick up at any local shop or Halloween online store. With your lights dimmed, a mist maker will turn any ordinary Halloween party decoration into a spooky masterpiece that is sure to make your guests shiver in fright.

Drape black tablecloths on your tables and set-up a strobe light to create a spooky dining area. If your guests are old enough, add some skulls on your food tables with a couple of bloody candles for lighting. To make the bloody candles, simply put white candles on the table, heat up a red candle and drip the red candle’s wax on the white candles, creating a blood trail. You can also paint mannequin heads and place them around the room.

After your home is all set up for your party and your ghoulish snacks are on the table (see our Halloween Treats for Kids article for Halloween food ideas), you can really creep out your guests by adding some Blood Punch in a beverage dispenser. Instead of using regular ice around your condiments, add some dry ice, which will create a ghostly appearance around your table yet still keep your condiments chilled. If you choose, you can name the condiments after body parts like Olives=eyeballs, Tomatoes=intestines, etc. Or, if you use the condiment server for an ice cream bar – Crushed up chocolate wafers=dirt, Gummy Worms=worms, etc. For more ideas and to get some free printable Halloween guest card templates and jar labels, see our article on Halloween Table Decorations.

Now that your indoor Halloween party decorations are ready, now it’s time to figure out what you’re little Halloween guests are going to do while at your party. We’ve put together some ideas for kids Halloween party games and, if you have a creative bunch, step-by-step instructions for Halloween crafts for kids.

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