Welcome Your Ghouls With DIY Halloween Door Decorations

DIY Halloween Door Decorations.

Even though your door will most likely remain open throughout Halloween night, you can still decorate it for Halloween by creating one of these easy DIY Halloween door decorations. Here are some instructions and photos that illustrate just how easy it is to make a Halloween door hanger, a spider-web door, and even a fun mummy door.

DIY Halloween Door Decorations: Mummy Halloween Door

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What you need

  • 4 rolls white crepe paper
  • Black marker
  • 2 white paper plates
  • Double-sided tape

This is a fun DIY Halloween craft that you can do with the kids. Lay your paper plates onto a flat surface and draw 2 large eyes with a black marker (you can also use black construction paper if you prefer). Start wrapping your door with the crepe paper by streaming a piece from one side of the door to the other, folding it over and taping the end as you get to the edge of the door. Secure the streamers with double-sided tape. Continue this process until the entire door is covered. Apply each streamer at a different angle to give your mummy some character. When the door is covered, tape down the 2 eyes near the top of the door.

DIY Halloween Door Decorations: Door Wrapped in Spider Webs

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What you need

  • (1) bag of plastic spider rings
  • 3 bags of artificial spider webbing (enough to cover your door)
  • Clear fishing wire

Attach the spider webbing to the entire door, following the directions on the package. Intermittently stick the ring part of the spiders into the web. Cut a few strands of fishing wire about 5-ft long and hang them from the roof eaves over your front porch so as your guests approach, they will be tickled by the hanging “spider webs.”

DIY Halloween Door Decorations: Wood Plaque Halloween Door Hangers

What you need

  • 1’x1′ piece of 1/2″ wood
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Very fine sandpaper (about 150 grit)
  • Dust cloth
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Black vinyl designs (your choice)
  • 24″ wire
  • Raffia for the bow

A door hanger is a great Halloween decoration for a variety of reasons. It is easy to put up and take down and you can reuse them year after year. If you are the crafty type, DIY Halloween door hangers are fun Halloween decorations to make as well.

Cut out a 1’x1′ piece of 1/2″ wood (if you don’t have a saw to cut the wood, your local home improvement store will usually cut it down for you). Drill a 1/4″ hole in the two top corners, about 1/2″ from the edges. Paint the wood with orange acrylic paint. After the paint has dried, distress the edges by sandpapering them to give the wood a weathered look. Dust off the wood so it’s clean and spray it with acrylic sealer.

When the sealer has dried, add your choice of a black vinyl design. It could be the silhouette of a cat, a spider, a witch, or a bat – any creepy Halloween decoration that you want. You could also add a vinyl phrase such as “The Witch Is In” or “Monsters Welcome” (for additional Halloween sayings, see our article on Halloween Sayings). Wrap one end of a 24″ piece of wire into each hole to create the hanger. Tie raffia to the wire to create a bow on the top and hang your Halloween door decoration.

DIY Halloween Door Decorations: Tulle Wreath Halloween Door Hanger

What you need:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • 1 1/2 yards soft black tulle
  • 1 1/2 yards rough black netting
  • 6-ft orange 6″ wide ribbon

For this Halloween door decoration, you’ll need to purchase an embroidery hoop that is slightly smaller than you want your final wreath to be. Cut equal amounts of tulle and netting strips that are 3″x6″ and 2″x10″. Tie the strips onto the embroidery hoop in a square not, alternating between each of the four different strips. Scoot each strip close to the last one until the wreath is full. Tie the orange ribbon to the top of the wreath, creating a 2′ loop to hang it with, and a bow at the base.

For more Halloween Wreath ideas, see our article on DIY Halloween Wreaths.

DIY Halloween Door Decorations: Extremely Easy Halloween Door Decorations

Here are a few more Halloween decorations for your door that are so simple to hang, you might even pass them along to your kids to complete by themselves.

  • Wrap yellow “Caution!” tape around the door and secure it with clear tape. This can decorate the inside and the outside of the door.
  • Hang a wicker broom on the door with a big Halloween bow tied to the handle.
  • If you have a glass door, apply a large vinyl silhouette of a witch on a broom, a spider web, or any other Halloween decoration you can imagine.

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2 comments on “Welcome Your Ghouls With DIY Halloween Door Decorations
  1. Mary Ann says:

    These are really neat! Now everyone can have easy to do Halloween decorations, there is no excuse. Thanks!

  2. Very creative. These decorative ideas spell more fun than spook and are kid-friendly. Little trick-or-treaters will have a blast knocking on these doors. What a way to make the house more alive and into the Halloween spirit of this season!

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