Halloween Craft: DIY Hanging Ghost

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

If you love to do a diy Halloween crafts each year, check out our DIY hanging ghost. It’s super easy, and you can have your kids help, as long as you supervise them. Make as many of these ghosts as you need and hang them under a covered porch to greet your trick or treaters, from your trees if you’re going to create a graveyard scene or hang them all around the inside of your home if you’re going to have a haunted house. So gather a few supplies, turn on some fun music and get to crafting this cool diy Halloween ghost!

How To Make a Hanging Ghost

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost-Instructions

DIY Hanging Ghost Supplies

  • 6 yards of muslin or similarly loose-weave cloth
  • 9 yards of cheese cloth (3 3-yard packages)
  • 2 14″ swag Styrofoam arcs
  • 1 wire clothes hanger
  • 1 Styrofoam head
  • wire/grill brush
  • spray bottle with one cup of coffee

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

DIY Hanging Ghost Directions

  1. Completely straighten the wire hanger, then fold in half.
  2. On the loop end, hold about 3-4 inches of the folded wire and bend up both sides.
  3. Take the Styrofoam head and press onto the 3-4 inch piece of folded wire.
  4. Slightly bending each wire end to mimic the arc of the swag Styrofoam, gently poke the wires through the end of the swags, as far as they will go into the length of the arcs.
  5. Next cut a 3-yard piece of muslin, then fold it in half, matching up the short ends. With the fabric doubled up, cut from the bottom up in 12-24″ long slits, 2-4″ wide, varying sizes as you continue down the fabric.
  6. Brush the edges of the torn strips with the grill brush to give it a frayed look.
  7. Once frayed, drape over the Styrofoam head.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 twice more, draping a piece over each swag arm.
  9. Top the muslin fabric with draped cheese cloth.
  10. Spray the edges with coffee from a spray bottle.
  11. Cut a long strip of muslin, 2-3″ wide and tie one end around the neck of the Styrofoam head, leaving enough length to secure the finished ghost from a tree, porch, etc.
  12. Cut a 1″ hole in the draped fabric in a spot roughly in the back of the Styrofoam head and pull the hanging fabric through.

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

Halloween Craft-DIY Hanging Ghost

Are You Ready to Make This DIY Hanging Ghost Halloween Craft?


Boo! Making DIY Halloween decorations can be a lot of fun for your entire family; it’s a great way to spend time together. Get everyone involved and make a couple of hanging ghosts. If you make your own Halloween graveyard or haunted house, you could add the ghosts to your decor. Short on time? At Improvements, we have a unique line of fun and spooky Halloween decorations, so once you pick a theme, go all out!

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