The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults

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Trick or treat? Halloween is all about having a good time and escaping from reality for the day, or days if you are attending parties or Halloween-inspired events! From the treats to the tricks, Halloween is meant to fun, so go ahead and carve a pumpkin, eat some treats, consider Halloween costume ideas, and celebrate the spooktacular holiday.

Popular Halloween Costume Ideas for All Ages

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Coming up with new Halloween costume ideas can be stressful. But don’t worry about what you or your kids are going to be this year. Start thinking about it now. Halloween costume ideas are all around you! While there is always a new trend, the classic Halloween costumes will never go out of style and can even be reused year after year. We’ve put together a list of popular and easy Halloween costume ideas for that work for any age group.

The Classics for Kids or Adults

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You can’t go wrong with a traditional and spooktacular costume. These Halloween costume ideas never go out of style, and they still bring the right amount of fright to the night. Start with the basic idea and customize to your liking. Either make it more scary, more dramatic or even add a comedic flair to it. These classic ideas are perfect for adults and kids.

  1. Vampire
  2. Ghost
  3. Zombie
  4. Mummy
  5. Witch/Warlock

To learn how to do zombie makeup, visit our blog for a tutorial.

The Non-Creepy Classics

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Halloween doesn’t have to be just ghosts and goblins. It can be happy and festive too! If you and your kids aren’t into Fright Night, try non-scary Halloween costume ideas instead.

  1. Doctor/Nurse
  2. Cowboy/Cowgirl
  3. Clown (this can be scary too depending on how you feel about clowns!)
  4. Black Cat
  5. Pirate

Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideas are everywhere, and they pop up every day. Pop culture is a great idea generator when it comes to Halloween. Create a costume based on your favorite movie, your favorite video game, or even your favorite (or least favorite) politician.

Costumes for Kids

  1. Disney/Pixar characters – The Incredibles, Disney princesses, Monster’s Inc. and much more!
  2. Dr. Seuss characters
  3. Unicorn
  4. Emojis
  5. Children’s cartoons – Peppa Pig, PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies and more. Ask your kid what their favorite cartoon is and you create a costume together.

Costumes for Adults

  1. Fortnite video game characters
  2. Emojis – fun for adults and kids
  3. Horror movie villains
  4. TV show/movie characters – think today or in the past for a retro take on Halloween
  5. Politicians or people in the news

Are You Ready to Try These Halloween Costume Ideas?

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your costume, but also never too late to throw something together for that Halloween bash. Whatever costume you choose, make sure it is safe, you can see, and it is easy to maneuver in. When it comes to your kids’ costumes, ensure they are visible in the dark when treat or treating and that the child’s vision is not impaired by the costume or that the costume does not restrict movement. While you want to look good in your costume, safety is always the top concern. Have a fun, and frightful Halloween!

For more Halloween ideas, check out our blog, Room for Improvements, and search for Halloween.

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