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Your to-do list is already crammed for the holiday season, and preparing for holiday guests usually turns into about 23 additional to-dos that have to get done quickly. So to make this season easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of must-have guest room furniture pieces that will get your room ready in no time. It goes without saying that you want your guests to have the most comfortable guest room imaginable. By just adding a few simple touches, you’ll ensure your guests will come back for holidays to come.

Preparing for Holiday Guests is Easy with These Unique Guest Room Furniture Pieces

To make guests feel at home, place some bottled water, a small bowl for jewelry or coins, plus a set of towels by their beds. If possible, you might want to invest in a portable heater or air conditioner so they can control their comfort at night. Make sure your guests know where light switches and outlets are located. It’s also a good idea to plug in a small night light in any room that they may venture into during the night.

Add an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Clock to the guest room so they can set their own alarm if they are on a “holiday schedule” and also see the temperature at a glance so they know how to dress before getting out of bed.

If your guest room is small, or if you have so many guests that all of your rooms are filled and you need to put someone up in the living room, it’s time to give them a little more comfort than just handing out a throw blanket and a pillow and plopping them down on the sofa. Get yourself a versatile sofa bed – they used to be hard and lumpy (and just plain ugly), but now you can find sofa beds in a variety of styles and colors with some pretty decent mattresses inside.

If you have the room in your guest bedroom, pull out an inflatable air bed that’s elevated more like a real bed so it will be easier for your guests to get in and out of in the morning.

When preparing for holiday guests, you don’t want to transform your beautifully tidy home into a youth hostel with pillows and blankets strung out in the living room. You can display sleeping blankets by adding the Lourdes Metal Blanket Rack to your guest room. This blanket rack will look great in your guest room. When it’s time to go to sleep, your guests can simply choose a blanket and settle in for a cozy and warm sleep experience.

If you’ve planned ahead for the arrival of your holiday guests, then you might have purchased a sleeper sofa so all you have to do is remove the pillows and pull out the bed, add some sheets and your guests are ready to hit the hay. However, if you’ve ever been the recipient of such hasty treatment, then you know that sleeping on that pull-out sofa, although convenient, may not be the most comfortable bed – the bars poke you in the back all night and you just can’t seem to get comfy. But it’s easy to correct the situation: simply unfold a bed board and slide it between the sleeper sofa’s mattress, your guests will get a better nights rest and wake up without stiffness and ready to enjoy the day’s festivities. You can also add a sofa bed mattress cover that is water resistant and has an air-circulating weave keeps sleepers cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.

Give your guests a little 5-star treatment by unfolding a solid hardwood luggage rack. Let’s face it – some of your holiday guests just don’t know how to pack light, but that’s not a problem for the folding luggage rack; it can hold up to 100 lbs and it even has a bottom shelf to hold shoes or a small tote.

If your holiday guests have clothing that they need to hang up, there’s no need to take up valuable closet space. Just pull out a wooden garment rack and hang up their coats, heavy jackets and there are even a couple of hooks on the sides to hold scarves, hats or purses. If you have to convert your living room into a guest room, the wooden garment rack is the perfect solution since it comes in a beautiful walnut finish that will blend in nicely with your existing guest room furniture.

It often happens that you have twin beds in your guest rooms and inevitably you have to slide a couple of them together to double up your guests in a room. By slipping a twin bed connector along the sides of the twin bed mattress, throwing some sheets and a king size mattress pad on the bed, you instantly have a king size bed. The twin bed connector holds the twin beds in place so your guests won’t feel that annoying crack in the beds and it will keep the beds firmly together so your guests stay on the bed and off the floor.

If you need to quickly make your guests beds, pull out a Bed MadeEZ® – an ergonomic device that slides easily between the mattress and the box springs and raises the mattress so linens are easier to put on. The Bed MadeEZ® is especially helpful in the winter months when you’re making a bed with heavy blankets or lots of bedding.

If your mattresses are a bit on the older side, but you don’t have the time or money to run out and purchase new ones before your holiday guests arrive, just unfold a folding bedboard and slide it between your old mattress and the box spring to give your mattress more support. The folding bedboard is made of vinyl over thin wood board to give your guests’ back extra support.

Preparing for holiday guests can be challenging, but the rewards far outweigh the hassles. Hopefully ,these guest room furniture ideas will help you make your guests feel at home and welcome to stay as long as they want (or as long as you want them to).

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