How To Get Rid Of Moles Using Home Remedies

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Just because you have a mole in your yard, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for war! If the mole is just in the dirt areas of your yard or in your garden, you might want to leave him alone and allow him to remove your slugs and pests that might be harming your garden. But, if the mole’s tunneling is harming your grass or has become a nuisance, you’ll probably want to get rid of him. We’re giving you a couple of environmentally-friendly alternatives to removing moles. So, come on and discover how to get rid of moles in your garden and from your yard.

Mole Bait

Of course, there are all sorts of remedies out there, but home remedies to rid moles are often the best for the job. If you want to get rid of the mole without harming it, follow these steps to make your homemade mole remedy:

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  1. Blend together 1/4 Cup castor oil, 1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper, and 2 Tablespoons liquid dish detergent. Use a blender to mix them properly.
  2. Add 6 Tablespoons of water and blend it again.
  3. Put the solution in a sealed container and keep it in storage until you see a fresh mound appear.
  4. When you are ready, add 2 Tablespoons of the original solution with 1 gallon of water and mix well.
  5. Either use a spray bottle or simply dump the solution out onto the problem area. Pour it down the mole holes, as well as along the top of the tunnels and around the mounds of dirt.

Once this mole bait is applied, the mole will most likely leave the area as he will no longer like the taste of the insects that he’s been eating in your yard.

Homemade Mole Traps

If you want to know how to get rid of moles in your garden naturally, here’s another home remedy: make an instant trap. It takes a little time, but it will be worth it. When you notice that the mole is actively making a tunnel, follow it. Take a shovel and stick it in the dirt directly in front of where the tunnel is heading. As soon as the mole gets to that shovel, stick another shovel in the ground directly behind where the mole should be. This should trap the mole, and he will start to dig up and out. Place a large bucket or garbage can upside down over the area so that when the mole comes out, you can scoop it up and haul it away.

Only use these mole removal remedies after you’ve determined that the mole has become a problem in your yard. Remember, if you see a few holes in the garden, but no other damage is done, you might consider leaving the mole alone and allowing him to eat the slugs that are most likely damaging your garden. Also, when the mole is burrowing, he’s turning over your soil, which is aerating it and creating better drainage. But, if he’s tunneling into your yard and killing the grass, it’s probably time for him to move along.

So there you have it! You now know how to get rid of moles in your garden and from your yard.

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53 comments on “How To Get Rid Of Moles Using Home Remedies
  1. LAURA WHITE says:

    I have a real problem with moles tunneling in my yard. I’m going to try your recipe for “Mole Bait” to see if it helps. Thanks!

  2. Mary Myers says:

    I’ve spent a lot of money for mole bait and traps that don’t work. I desperate to find something to take care of the problem. Right now, I’m trying “another” mole remedy–Juicy Fruit gum. Use rubber gloves to keep human scent off and insert in active area runs. Moles are suppose to eat and “gum” up their works. I live next to a wild life refuge so the problem will not go away quickly. If the gum don’t work, I’ll try the castor oil.

    • Michelle Welsh says:

      When you say it “gums up their works”, you mean that the gum causes them to choke to death. That is what happens. That is a rather inhumane method, and I would ask that you find a less cruel means of keeping the moles from messing up your garden or lawn.

    • Lynn says:

      I mixed up cayenne ,blackpepper & chilli powder ( ran out of cayenne). I sprinkled it in the holes & in my garden why mole doing damage. I also put pulverized lime in the holes. Go easy with like too much will burn & kill your plants & grass. Next I will try DE(diatomaceous earth- food grade, I use this for my chickens).
      It controls parasites on plants & chickens. Good luck!

  3. Jerome Ebba says:

    I tried everything else, so I’ll give it a try I hope it works on Gophers ?

    • Michelle Welsh says:

      Please don’t use chewing gum on the little varmints. It doesn’t just repel them, but causes them to choke to death. There are other much more humane methods of critter-control. Try searching castor oil, used kitty litter, cayenne pepper, sonic devices(the more high-tech method), etc…..

  4. Margaret Moore says:

    Mole Bait sounds like a winner. Going to make it for sure

  5. Tom says:

    I catch them all the time with what I’ll call a noose trap and still can’t keep up. I’ll try this.

  6. Skylar Williams says:

    Your home remedy for mole bait seems interesting, I may give it a shot. I’m thinking of just getting a professional to come deal with it. I have heard there are some plants that get rid of moles.

  7. Bobbi says:

    I was told the price for removing the moles was about $250.00 for 100 square yards.

  8. diane meshke says:

    Thank you for the information. i’m going to try your recipe, sure hope it helps. I am desperate.

  9. MiG says:

    Seriously, has no-one on this article come back to report in on how it worked? I just poured this concoction all over my yard, in every dirt pile/hole I could find. Will report back in a couple of weeks.

    • Timothy Perry says:

      did it work?

    • Diane O Border says:

      we have tried the mixture — I added garlic powder since that is also listed on sites as a deterrent for moles. it does work. sometimes you have to try several times — they can be persistent. I have also started using hot water when I mix up my stuff to pour down their holes — trying to make our yard as inhospitable as possible. the other thing that worked was spreading Bayer bug granules on the yard (I need to do it on the mulch areas too) to kill the grubs. that cut down our mole infestation enough that I can treat individual trails and hills more effectively. hope this helps.

  10. Glo says:

    Going to try the cayenne pepper and Castro oil method tomorrow I’ll see if it works ……

  11. Deb says:

    I tried the castor oil, cayenne pepper, it did not work

  12. Chris B says:

    Trying this today! hope it works!

  13. Eliot says:

    Tried this remedy and it has been 3 days and no new mole mounds!! Hope it last

  14. John Haskell says:

    I’m going to try the chewing gum. I have tried everything, castor oil, lots of pepper mixes, my whole yard buzzes with solar sonic repellent spikes, literally every product on Amazon I own.(except kill traps) if the gin doesn’t work I’ll use those. Hate to but I’m telling you NOTHING works

  15. rich says:

    I used this a couple of months ago and it work. 1 came back 2weeks ago apply again and it is gone. I,am soaking ground with a can for watering plants

  16. K Dale Frazier says:

    This sounds really interesting .. Think I shall give it a TRY …

  17. Kaia Taitano says:

    I put dog poop in the mole hills. I take a shovel and dice it up into the dirt. It seems to work. They leave the area. Go to my neighbors yard šŸ™‚

  18. Christy says:

    Chewing gum in the holes did not work for me

  19. Cheryl T says:

    I didn’t have a mole issue until my cat passed away. I will use the solution this week and post back. A few got into my washing machine a while back. They got the bath of their lives. Now I check every time I do laundry.

  20. John L. says:

    I was told by my Pest Control Guy, that just about the only way to get rid of the moles, is to get rid of the Grubs and their other food sources.

    • momat work says:

      I put grub killer all over my yard and the moles sill dug their tunnels. I’m going to try the castor oil mixture with the pepper.

  21. Joel ray says:

    I live in northwest Arkansas and their tearing up my backyard up I will try the mole bait Castrol oil and Cheyenne pepper and will let you know I have tried everything else under the sun the sound vibrations you put in the ground seem to work but they came back

    • Amandah Blackwell says:

      Hi, Joel. Thanks for your comment! Through further research, we found out that marigolds, allium, fritillaria, and daffodils may be a natural mole repellent. But as beautiful as flowers are some, like daffodils, are toxic to dogs. Let us know how our “mole bait” works.


      If anyone else has any suggestions, please share them on this thread!

    • Yvonne A says:

      the moles have tunneled completely around and under my daffodils. I Wouldn’t mind them so much if they’d eat the Japanese Beetle grubs.

  22. Carlton Brown says:

    I live in Shreveport, LA. My wife and I just purchased our home a few months ago. After moving in we discovered that we have moles in our yard. I just ordered a bottle of Castrol and will try this mole bait as soon as my order comes in. I report my results in a couple of weeks.

  23. Ginny M says:

    The recipe works, but it takes several gallons over the yard, And they do come back.
    I use the grocery store castor oil, hot sauce, and Dawn dish detergent.

  24. Eric says:

    I was told by my pest guy awhile back that castor will change the taste of the grubs that they eat. I am getting ready to try this at my new house that has started to get some mole issues.

  25. Anna Salaiz says:

    I have tried vinegar, Starbucks coffee grounds, pellets, undrinken beer, lemon and lime juice. So now Iā€™m going to do the castor oil, cayenne pepper method. I was really sure that the vinegar n coffee grounds would have worked.

  26. Denise Allan says:

    just use biodegradable used dirty cat soiled litter, dump down a few wholes and viola! moles be gone !

  27. Fishhunter99 says:

    I just moved to the Central Coast of California from Philadelphia. We spent a good amount of money on making our outdoor space enjoyable with patio and deck and planted with what should grow into a nice secluded property. Then the deer came in and chewed things they should never eat. So a deer fence was installed another expensive outlay. Deer are controlled and we have a nice private property. Then our plantings started to die, because the roots were eaten by gophers. We have some ultrasonic solar units but its a wait and see. A gopher exterminating company wants $100.0 plus per month more outlay of cash. Then while I used my last gas gopher bomb I got a great idea. We have a drip irrigation system with a food dispensing unit attached. Can I make a concoction and put it into my system and have it dispensed to each of the plants that are getting watered now? Concoction must be granule free so it does not clog the emitters. Does castor oil stay mixed with water or will it separate? I cannot find anything that involves using irrigation systems to keep the gophers under control, it sounds like a great way. Any ideas or suggestions using the system would be appreciated.

    • Amandah Blackwell says:

      Thanks for your comment!

      You can try our mixture (1/4 cup castor oil, water, cayenne pepper, etc.) that’s in our blog post. However, you may want to consult your drip irrigation system’s owners manual to see what you can and can’t use. To be on the safe side, you may also have to contact the manufacturer. Also, consider that you may need an integrated set of solutions, including, baits, traps, repellents, and more.

      We’re not sure where you’re located in the Central Coast of California (Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz), but you may want to contact the universities in the area because alfalfa growers have had issues with gophers. Perhaps a local professor has some insight as well.

  28. Angela says:

    Will the castor oil mixture harm my grass?

    • Amandah Blackwell says:

      Hi, Angela. Thanks for your comment! According to our research, castor oil should not harm your grass. However, you may want to make a small batch of our mole home remedy and spray it on a “test” patch in your backyard.

  29. Kim says:

    When you get your hair cut save it in a bag, take it home and put small amounts of hair down the holes. The moles will leave your yard! You can also put it around your flowers and garden to keep the deer out also.

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