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Craft storage furniture

Let your inner artist loose when furnishing your craft room with unique and functional craft storage furniture. Instead of throwing all your yarn, beads, and paper in one container, employ some craft room organization to make finding your supplies easier. The craft room storage ideas listed below will help store your supplies and other odds and ends in an orderly fashion so you can focus on creating beautiful and thoughtful art. All of the Hampshire products shown are constructed of wood composites for durability and longevity and some pieces come in both walnut and white finishes.

Craft Storage Furniture Ideas: The File Ottoman

" "Your craft room is probably full of decorative paper for card-making, scrapbooking, and so much more. Keep it all in order in a file ottoman. Organize by color or pattern, or however, you choose. A small bottom shelf can hold scrap paper and a side compartment is perfect for housing a sketchbook or notebook. A rolling file ottoman can also be used to file important documents if you have a home office/craft room combo.

Craft Storage Furniture Ideas: The Wrap Hutch

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Don’t just stuff your ribbons, yarn, and other decorative spools in a drawer to become a tangled, impossible mess. Use a wrap hutch that neatly holds them and makes them easier to cut the exact length you need. Use the wrap organizer‘s bottom rods for wrapping paper or your favorite crafting books and magazines. Keep your scissors, tape, and more in the small upper cabinet.

Craft Storage Furniture Ideas: The Project Desk

" "The perfect spot for letting your creative juices really flow. This project table provides a generous surface for you to create art, write hand-written letters, and even wrap presents for birthday and holiday celebrations. Store pens, pencils, and other desktop supplies in the two front drawers. A project desk is also the perfect place to post up your laptop and get some work done when you’re on a deadline.

More Craft Storage Furniture Ideas:

The File Ottoman & Craft Storage Cabinet

craft storage furniture double pantry cabinet mobile desk

Add additional craft storage with a craft storage cabinet (shown at left) that really packs a punch when it comes to organizing all your supplies. Sixteen-inch deep shelves (1 fixed and 2 adjustable) allow you to store larger jars of beads, yarn, and other decorative accessories. Even the door has storage in the form of 4 adjustable shelves with rails to keep smaller items in place.

A mobile desk (shown at right) offers file storage for your papers and a pull-out work surface. Graphic designers and illustrators can place their laptop on top and craft aficionados will love the fact that it has wheels for portability. Roll it in front of the TV or into another room as needed.

The Tall Cabinet

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A tall storage cabinet is a great small-space solution for craft rooms where square footage is at a premium. All you need is 2.5 ft. of extra space in front of your wall to use it! This storage superstore is loaded with cubbies and cabinets for your crafting supplies of all sizes. On the bottom, double doors have an adjustable shelf for hidden storage.  Use the open storage compartment to showcase vintage sewing machine and a jar of your crafting odds and ends. This craft room storage unit also has two 3-prong outlets and 2 USB ports so you don’t need to worry about placing it in front of an outlet.

File Carts

" "A file cart is a great add-on item to cover that last bit of essential storage in your craft room. Just pull it up on the end of your work surface or use it under our project desk (shown above). Three top drawers (2 smaller, and 1 larger) store tape, glue, safety pins and other crafting essentials you might need at the drop of a hat. The handy bottom file cabinet organizes all of your paper supplies and a front wheel prevents tipping when the file drawer is open. Choose a rolling file cart with 1 drawer (shown at left) or 3 drawers (shown at right) depending on your needs.

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