Keep Your Guests Entertained with Fun Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Game Ideas

Keeping everyone entertained on Thanksgiving can be a challenge. There are typically people of all ages attending and it could get difficult ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves. As you think about food preparations, here are some Thanksgiving games that can be enjoyed by all like Pass the Nut, Football Turkey Trot and more.

Pass the Nut

Pass the Nut Thanksgiving Game
Collect 4 bowls, enough sets of chopsticks for each participant to have their own set, 2 peas, 2 cranberries, 2 acorns, and 2 unshelled walnuts. Place 2 of the bowls at one end of the room, each containing one pea, one cranberry, one acorn, and one walnut. Place the other 2 empty bowls directly across from them at the other end of the room.

Divide all participants into 2 equal teams. Give each person a set of chopsticks. Have each team line up from the full bowl to the empty bowl. When the signal is given, the person nearest the full bowl will pick up one of the items with their chopsticks, and will start to pass it down the line to the next person, also using chopsticks. Once they are rid of that first item, they can pick up the next item. Nobody can use their fingers, and only small children are allowed to pick it up if it falls on the floor. Older children and adults must run it back to the starting bowl if it falls on the ground. Once all 4 items are safely passed to the empty bowl at the other end of the room, that team wins.

Football Turkey Trot

Football Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Game
Have players pair up with each other. They must stand with their backs together and link their elbows. Each pair is given a football. You can dress up the football with a homemade paper turkey head and some feathers, or you can leave them plain. Set up a course that the pairs must get through, remaining linked together, to get their football turkeys to the finish line.

Pin the Gobbler – a Thanksgiving Game for Toddlers

Pin the Gobbler Thanksgiving Game
Print out this free Pin the Gobbler game and cut out the gobblers. Tape the cute Turkey onto a wall and hand out gobblers to each of your toddlers. It’s your choice if you want to blind fold them or not. Then, you play Pin the Gobbler just like you would play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Broom-Pumpkin Hockey

Does your family enjoy playing hockey together? Give it a twist this Thanksgiving using brooms and a pumpkin. First, clear the driveway of cars, snow, and anything else. Create 2 goals using two garbage cans each. Place them about 6 feet apart, marking the goal. Split the participants into 2 teams and give each player a sturdy broom. Using a pumpkin instead of a puck, play hockey!

Thankful Birdie

Get a badminton shuttlecock and draw a turkey face on the base with a black permanent marker (2 circles for eyes and an upside-down triangle for the beak is perfect). Have the participants of the game sit in a circle. Toss the birdie to someone and have them share something they are thankful for. They will then toss it to someone else, who will say what the first person was thankful for, as well as something they are thankful for. They will pass the birdie to someone else, who will add to the list by saying what the first and second people were thankful for and adding one of their own. The game continues until someone gets stumped and is unable to remember the list. That person is out, the circle scoots in, and the game continues until it gets all the way down to one, and that person wins!

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