Spooky! Kids May Like These Fun Halloween Treats Better Than Candy

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As a parent, you want the best for your kids. You want them to laugh and play and to enjoy themselves during the holidays. However, when it comes to Halloween, you may not be thrilled with the tradition of giving out candy. While there’s nothing wrong with a piece of chocolate here and there, you probably would prefer giving your kids and the kids in your neighborhood a sugar-free Halloween. No problem. Read on to get fun Halloween treats ideas. But be warned! If you give out these treats, your house may become the most popular of them all.

Fun Halloween Treats for Kids

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Trick-or-Treat! On Halloween, your doorbell will ring many times, and you’ll hear that phrase shouted over and over again. But when you answer, surprise trick-or-treaters with fun Halloween treats instead of candy. Make no bones about it; kids will love these cool treat ideas. Besides, they’ll get candy from other homes. Change it up and give out non-edible treats. Here are some Halloween treats ideas!

Bouncy Balls

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Bouncy balls are great because kids can play with them indoors and outdoors in many games. Children of all ages will enjoy playing with this classic toy. Look for bouncy balls that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. And if the kids have cats, their feline friends will enjoy playing with the bouncy balls, too,


Kids love stickers. Whether they’re puffy or glow in the dark or even feature cartoon characters, animals, superheroes, flowers, Halloween pumpkins, or funky designs, kids love stickers. Give each child one sheet, or if you buy stickers in bulk, you could give each child a book. Look for ones that are non-toxic and easily peel on and off.

Glow Bracelets and Necklaces

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Who doesn’t like glow bracelets and necklaces? Even adults wear these fun accessories. Give each child a glow bracelet or necklace and watch their face light up. And since they, well, glow in the dark, it will be easy for parents to keep an eye on their kids as they walk from house to house. See that. Glow bracelets and necklaces have a personal safety benefit.

Halloween Pencils

Kids still use pencils, so why not give out ones in a Halloween theme? And depending on how many you buy, you could give each child two pencils. Or you may want to pair a pencil with a Halloween spiral notepad. Kids can use their imagination and doodle, draw, or write stories. Who knows? The kids who receive your pencils and notepads may grow up to be famous artists, cartoonists, and writers!

Mini Crayon Packs and Coloring Books

Children like to color so that you could give out mini crayon packs and coloring books. They’ll have hours of fun coloring and can share their pictures with family and friends. Coloring book theme ideas include Halloween, animals, characters, dinosaurs, and more. If you don’t find anything you like, give out activity books instead.

Spooky Accessories

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Many kids like Halloween accessories such as vampire teeth, plastic spider rings, elf ears, and more. You may want to choose two accessories, like spider rings and vampire teeth, and give them out. This way you can have an option for younger kids and teenagers who may be trick-or-treating. Keep in mind that these also make great Halloween party favors as well.

Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

Self-inking rubber stamps are the perfect Halloween treat for kids, especially those who like to do arts and crafts projects. Buy an assorted pack which may contain hearts, lips, butterflies, emoji faces, flowers, and more. You may also find Halloween themed stamps which would be ghoulishly delightful.

Mini Flashlight Keychains

Not only do mini flashlights come in assorted colors, but they make great Halloween treats because they too offer a safety benefit. After all, when you go trick-or-treating, it’s dark and some homes and streets may not be well lit. The mini flashlights will come in handy for parents and kids as they make their way through your neighborhood.


Spark kids imagination by handing out chalk for Halloween. Look for non-toxic options for use on paper, chalkboards, and other surfaces. If you buy jumbo chalk in bulk, you could put 2-3 pieces in a hauntingly fun Halloween treat bag. The only difference is that this treat won’t melt or cause sticky fingers.

Slap Bracelets

Like glow in the dark bracelets, slap bracelets make fun Halloween treats. They come in assorted colors and patterns (hearts, animal prints, emojis, geometric patterns, and more). If you buy slap bracelets in bulk, you could get about 72. If you have any left over, you could give them out as party favors at your child’s Halloween party or even give them out as stocking stuffers. After all, Christmas will be right around the corner. And there’s nothing wrong with being ahead of the holiday.

Halloween Balloons

Kids like balloons, so why not give them one with a Halloween design on it? Look for balloons that made from natural latex and are environmentally friendly without any toxic chemicals. You can buy Halloween balloons in bulk as most are approximately 100 per bag. They’ll also make the perfect Halloween decoration for your child’s party. Speaking of which, you may be interested in having fun Halloween games for kids like Balloon Sweep.


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Little kids and some big kids like to blow bubbles, so why not hand out non-toxic bubble wands in assorted colors? They’re a perfect size and of course, can be used as Halloween party favors or even Christmas stocking stuffers. Bubble wands are recommended for ages three years and up, so make sure the trick-or-treaters meet the age requirement.


Another fun (and some would consider generous) Halloween treat is a good old-fashioned roll of change. After all, when you were a kid, you may have received a roll of quarters, dimes, or nickels. Or maybe you received a dollar bill. You can either put change in a Halloween treat bag or like your grandparents, get your spare change and roll it up!

Want to be the Coolest House on Your Street on Halloween? Give Out Fun Treats!

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Our list of fun Halloween treats for kids could make your house the coolest in your neighborhood. You may become a trendsetter and influence your neighbors, friends, and family to give out alternative Halloween treats. Then again, you may find it difficult not to give out Halloween candy. After all, it’s what you’ve done year-after-year. You could put together Halloween treats bags with one piece of candy or one package of fruit snacks (you could buy organic) and one fun alternative treat. You can easily pass out the treat bags to trick-or-treaters.

Keep in mind that many kids today have food allergies, so trick-or-treating has become tricky. Giving out fun Halloween treats may ease the tension some parents may have when they take their kids out on Halloween. After all, a child with a severe peanut allergy may only need to smell the nut to have a serious reaction. Do yourself a favor and give out fun Halloween treats.

Happy Halloween!

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