Fun & Creepy Food Ideas for a Halloween Party

Food Ideas for a Halloween Party

Once a month, the different departments at Improvements Catalog take turns hosting breakfast. Last October, the Creative Department (that’s my team!) decided to step up the game and go all out. We decorated the entire lunchroom, played Halloween movies, and created an awesome Halloween party! Feel free to use these creepy food ideas & get some free printable food place cards so your guests will know what they’re eating (at least they’ll think they do).

We “borrowed” a bunch of Halloween decorations from our product assortment, dug up a bunch of pumpkins from our extensive prop collection, and hit about every store that had a $1 Halloween section.

THEN the fun stuff began… Brainstorming the meal!

Taste is always the most important, but we wanted fun, spooky and creative goodies. Something that no one would forget! (I mean, we ARE the creative department, so why not show off our creativity?!)

So take a look, snag some ideas, maybe add your own little twist, and have a blast.
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1. Fungusamongus AKA cheese and crackers.
2. Clementines disguised as Shrunkin’ Pumpkins (FYI- permanent marker did not penetrate the peel, so no fruit or humans were in danger).
3. Tricky Treats (Part 1). Peanut butter cookies pressed to look like pumpkins with pretzel sticks for stems.
4. Tricky Treats (Part 2). Cinnamon rolls with orange frosting and chocolate chip jack-o-lantern faces. We also included some fall themed frosted sugar cookies, assorted store bought cookies, and some candy corn.

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5. Boogers & Scabs. THESE WERE MY FAVORITE! They looked gross enough that people questioned what they were. Don’t worry, they’re just yogurt covered raisins and dried cranberries.
6. Banana Dragon Toes.
7. Dragon Eggs. They are a lot like chicken eggs… just a different color.
8. Ogre Fingers. They were kind of ttime-consuming but totally worth it. Sugar cookie dough was dyed with green food coloring (and a little brown to make them extra icky), rolled and squished into the finger shape with an almond pressed in the tip for the nail. Extra gross-out points received by adding some red gel icing. No ogre would lose a finger without a fight.

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9. Kitty Litter. This is a big mash-up of boxed spice cake, boxed chocolate cake, pudding, whipped topping, crumbled cookies, and Tootsie Rolls. WARNING!!!! Alert your guests that there are Tootsie Rolls in the litter… the texture can be a little alarming. Especially when the food is served with very little lighting, the little solid nuggets of chewy chocolate can easily go unnoticed and really surprise people in an unpleasant way. Even more extra gross-out points were given for presentation, thanks to a real litter box, a poop scoop, and a black cat perched on the side of the box that doesn’t stop screaming.
10. Chunkin’ Pumpkin. This poor little jack-o-lantern got a little sick and spewed hummus everywhere. Sometimes he spews guacamole, but that’s usually around lunch or dinner, not breakfast.
11. Green Grape Zombie Eyes.
12. Troll Warts, but they were really just bagels, so no gagging!

And here is a taste of some of the Halloween decorations that we placed all over the lunchroom. (Not pictured: all of the spider webs – there were so many spider webs!)
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13. The creepiest dude ever, especially when all of the lights are out. I may or may not have jumped a few times seeing this guy in the corner.
14. A random skeleton that hangs around. He died of a broken heart.
15. Mummy’s hand hidden in the vending machine… this guy went unnoticed for most of the day and startled a soda purchaser later in the afternoon. I do love those pranks that keep on pranking.
16. Miss Witch. You gotta love that face!

" " And here are the free printable Halloween food place cards in case you want to use any of our ideas.

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3 comments on “Fun & Creepy Food Ideas for a Halloween Party
  1. claire says:

    the advice was so help full i had the best holoween party ever

  2. Have seen a cookie that is choclate icing on back. Had green icing drop in middle of cookie then a cho kiss press on icing to make a witch hat. Can you send me receipe and picture

    E Wright

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