5 Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscape edging for flowers and shrubs

Winter may be in full swing, but now is a great time to start thinking about front yard landscaping ideas! It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a warmer climate and can get started or if you just need something to get you thinking spring. Either way, creating a landscaping plan is a great idea because you can get your landscaping and yard decor done right in a shorter amount of time and for less money. Map it out, create a list of items you need to buy and prepare before spring is here.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Work for Anyone and Any Yard

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Whether you’re a landscaping novice or a planting expert, Improvements has front yard landscaping ideas that work for any size yard. Your house and yard don’t have to be big and expensive to look like a million bucks. With these 5 simple tips, we’ll help you discover new ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Harness the Power of Flowers

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Flowers are the best way to keep your house looking fresh, friendly and homey. But you have to take care and plant the flowers that are right for your climate, aesthetic, sun exposure, etc. This takes some initial research, but once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be set for all the years you’re in your home. Don’t skimp on gathering knowledge.

Plant in pots. By using flower pots or planters, you’ll save yourself time. You won’t need to weed. And you can replant easily if flowers die or if you want a change of scenery. Use the flower pots and planters as decoration to enhance the look of your home. Use them around the front porch, near the doorway, along a walkway, or surrounding your standalone mailbox. Window boxes are the perfect planters. They’re an easy way incorporate flowers your landscaping even if you have a small yard. Plus, they draw attention to your home, increasing curb appeal.

If you have a larger yard and can’t just fill it with pots and planters, utilize islands. Create flower beds in strategic spots, or islands, around the yard. Group flowers together that are harmonious. Again this is where your research will come in handy. Complementary greenery like ground cover or trees and bushes will round out the islands. Use flower bed edging or rubber inserts around islands to keep your planting area contained. It also allows for quick watering, weeding, and upkeep.

Mow No More

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Cut down on lawn mowing and general lawn care to make your landscaping upkeep easy peasy. There are multiple ways to do this. One way is to plant “no-mow” grass. This is achieved through special seed mixes made of grasses with long roots and thin blades. These lawns require little to no mowing or water, making them great for drought-prone climates.

You could also plant ground cover, which can include clover, edible herbs or lettuces, moss, or wildflowers. Of course, this will take away your option of using your yard like a normal yard but can look great if done right. Even if you don’t want to use this method for your entire yard, it is fabulous for hard-to-mow areas. Hilly spots or drainage areas are perfect for planting clover, low-growing berries, herbs or wildflowers. Make sure you pick ground cover that will thrive in your environment so it can create a lush carpeting to walk on.

Another no-mow option is artificial turf. Advances in synthetic turf have made it a more natural-looking option. The initial cost is pricey but it pays for itself over a number of years. Plus, it has added benefits: No wasted water to keep it green. No worries about mowing it or weeding it. No lawnmower maintenance costs and no need to fertilize with harmful chemicals.

These front yard landscaping ideas may not necessarily be simple to implement but they do make continual care much simpler.

Walk This Way to an Easy Front Yard Landscape

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One easy way to spruce up your front yard is to put in a quick walkway. For instance, you can cover up a worn out path. Plus, it will make a huge impact on curb appeal, by creating a welcoming appearance that draws the eye in. Additionally, the pathway doesn’t need to be fancy or even be a path to the front door. Any place where people generally walk is a good candidate. Just lay down a few paver stones or even rubber outside mats because it can turn a dingy part of the lawn into an eye-catching design element. If you want to get more in-depth, flatten the section, put in rubber landscape edging that just stakes in, fill with stones and add the pavers. Or you can use brick but that can be a bit of a time-consuming puzzle to get it done right.

Use solar lights to line the pathway. Put them every few feet so the light overlaps a bit and every bit of your walkway gets lit up. It brings together a cohesive look to the walkway and warmly welcomes people to your home. This ultimately what you want out of your front yard landscape. Plus, with solar lighting, you won’t have to worry about wiring and installation is super easy.

Rock On with Landscaping Rocks

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Landscape rocks provide a natural, textural element to front yard landscaping design ideas. Additionally, they’re an easy way to create focal points and fill quite a bit of space. They’re perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on landscaping their front yard. Most importantly, rocks are very durable and easy to maintain.

Big boulders or stones can help hide or disguise problem areas or areas you just don’t know what to do with, especially slopes or uneven areas. Differently sized boulders coupled with moss or ground cover can create a gorgeous retaining wall that not only looks great but will prevent erosion. Fill in space between the larger stones with wildflowers, perennials or evergreens, and your space will be virtually maintenance free, especially if you top it off with river rock to deter weed growth.

Use river rocks, gravel rocks or pale-colored, smooth stones to replace mulch. They’re more expensive up front but will last the lifetime of your flower bed or garden while mulch has to be replaced every year. Use flower bed edging or landscape edging to keep the small stones from spreading throughout the yard. Also use landscape fabric, sand or damp newspaper under your rocks to help stop weeds from invading your beautiful rock garden.

If you have a favorite tree or plant or spot in your yard, call it out by surrounding with an ornate stone design that makes it the focal point of your yard. Build a flower bed with mulch or rocks and use any color larger stone to create a border around the area. It’s simple yet elegant but will require some care. You’ll have to maintain the grass along the border either by edging or hand cutting.

Fencing for the Front Yard

Utilize a decorative fence in your front yard. You can put up an adorable white picket fence as a border around the whole yard and truly embrace living the American dream. Or use a wrought iron gate to bring a classic, old world feel to your home. Fencing can create a dramatic statement but needs to be done properly. When building a fence around your entire front yard, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t interfere with curb appeal, especially if you ever plan to sell your home. There are many front yard fencing options that can be installed by yourself or professionally. Choose the best for you and be careful to make sure your home is still approachable and welcoming, not intimidating or scary.

Another great idea is to use decorative fencing intermittently as flower bed borders, pathway markers or surrounding your mailbox. They’re also perfect to hide gas or water meters that create an unsightly view but that still need to be accessible to maintenance workers and meter readers. Best of all, decorative fencing is easy to install. You can even use a garden trellis and plant an ivy or another climbing plant to decorate the trellis for a distinct, floral look.

Are You Ready to Try These Front Yard Landscaping Ideas?

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These tips are just a starting point to get you thinking about the perfect front yard landscaping ideas for you, your home, your yard and your living area. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. Browse the Internet, drive through neighborhoods and look around garden centers for more inspiration. Then get out there and get your front yard landscaping done without taking up all of your time this spring. Once done, we’d love to see the final product. Share your front yard landscaping ideas in the comments to inspire others.

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