How to Pick Home Floor Mats to Floor You

Entryway with a floor mat and shoe storage bench

Floor mats come in many different types, styles, and sizes. So how do you determine what you need? It all depends on where the floor mat is going and why it is needed. We have some great tips to help you pick the perfect floor mat for your home.

How to Choose the Right Floor Mats

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The location of your floor mat is the number one thing to consider, especially if you will use it indoors or outdoors. Also, take into consideration the amount of foot traffic the mat will get and how often you plan to clean it.

Outdoor Floor Mats

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Entice your guests or family members to wipe off their shoes at the door with a fun and inviting outdoor welcome mat. But make sure it’s made of an absorbent and durable material, like coir or rubber so that it can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. And make sure the mat actually traps the dirt, debris, and moisture so that it isn’t brought inside the home. Adding a boot scraper or choosing a coarse material to help scrape the bottom of shoes is also a good idea depending on how muddy your yard is or what your friends and family are up to.

Rubber door mats are extremely durable in moderate temperatures and are great for cleaning off mud and debris from shoes, but they don’t absorb water. Even more troubling, rubber mats often crack in frigid temperatures. Therefore, they are a great option for garages, but not necessarily for your front stoop all year round.

Coir door mats are not only perfect for outdoor use but they are also environmentally friendly. The coarse, raised fiber cleans shoe bottoms and absorbs water and holds onto debris. Coir is a very strong natural fiber created from coconuts so it is sustainably sourced and biodegradable. Check out our previous blog What is Coir? for more information on the fiber and its benefits.

Indoor Floor Mats

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Indoor floor mats are fashionable and functional additions to many rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. While indoor floor mats are often decorative, they do serve a purpose, albeit different depending on the room.

Entryways and mud rooms need floor mats that often more floor protection than decoration. Indoor/outdoor mats work well in these spaces. Any water-resistant rug that’s made of durable material is your best option. Consider synthetic fibers, like nylon, or durable natural material, like coir or woven seagrass. Even cotton with a rubber back can work if you are willing to wash it frequently. Just make sure whatever mat you choose is nonslip to protect you and your guests.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Floor Mat

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In kitchens, floor mats run the risk of lots of spills and long hours of being stood upon. Therefore, stain-resistant and cushioned floor mats are the way to go. For busy moms and anybody always on the go, easy to clean materials like machine-washable cotton are great too. Stick with flat woven varieties for ease of cleaning and their resistance to stains. Plus, they are soft enough for kids and pets to sit on if they decide to join you in the kitchen.

If you enjoy baking, do a lot of cooking for big family meals or just spent a lot of time in the kitchen, consider a cushioned or anti-fatigue mat. These mats go beyond cushioning and have stress-relieving qualities. Kitchen anti-fatigue mats provide soothing comfort for your feet, legs, and joints. It’s easy to see why so many professional chefs use anti-fatigue mats in their restaurants. They offer much relief for anyone who is going to be standing in one spot for a long period of time and they are non-slip. These are great for work or craft rooms too.

Bathroom Decor and Floor Mats go Together

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Have fun picking out your bathroom floor mat! There are options aplenty, and as long as it absorbs water and is comfortable on your feet, anything goes.

Before buying a bath mat or rug, measure your bathroom. The wrong size bath mat for the size of your room can really make things look awkward. Plus, the actual floor space in regards to shower, vanity, and toilet is hard to visualize without seeing the actual numbers. And mats may look smaller in stores than they do in your bathroom. Be safe and measure before you shop!

Kids love to splash around in the bath so make sure your bath mat is absorbent and slip resistant if you have young kids, sloppy teenagers or elderly parents around. Keeping everyone safe and comfortable is key. Cotton rugs are extremely common because of their soft texture and easy cleaning. Chenille is another popular choice because it is soft on your freshly showered toes and extremely absorbent, making it long-lasting and durable. Sisal rugs are becoming popular because they are eco-friendly. While water-repellant and nice looking, sisal is not as soft on your feet as other options. Rubberized backs are a must no matter what fabric you choose so that you won’t slip and they won’t bunch up with each step.

Just do plenty of research and choose the best material for you and your family.

Maintaining Your Floor Mats

What’s your cleaning style? Consider that question honestly before purchasing a floor mat for any spot in your home. Rubber mats can be hosed off and easily cleaned. Toss most cotton floor mats into the washing machine and you’re all set. Chenille bath mats can often be machine washed but need to be dried flat. To keep bamboo and teak floor mats clean, they require hand washing. Although often a quick wipe of a cloth will do too. Coir and sisal or more heavy-duty mats often need a good hose off followed by scrubbing by hand. Always read the cleaning instructions before purchasing your floor mat to ensure you are up to its upkeep!

Who’s Ready to Purchase the Perfect Floor Mat?

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With all of these tips in your arsenal and the knowledge of what you need the floor mat to accomplish, you should be ready to make the purchase. If not, read reviews of floor mats and take your time to shop around. And if you have questions, please let us know. We’re here to help!

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