Fall Home Decorating Ideas: 5 Easy Ways to Transition Decor From Summer to Fall

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Seasons come and seasons go, and we must adapt our wardrobes, our food options, and our home decor. So as the summer season sun fades away and the brisk fall breeze and colorful tree leaves descend upon us, it’s time to transition your home decor from one season to the next. But it doesn’t have to be a big to do, easily transition your summer home decor to fall decorations with these simple fall home decorating ideas.

Goodbye Summer! Fall Home Decorating Ideas to Get You Ready For Autumn

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Saying goodbye isn’t always sad. It can be exciting. So think about all of the good things that come with fall when you are getting ready to transition your home decor from summer to fall. Then use all of that as inspiration for your fall home decorating ideas. We have 5 simple suggestions to help you start your home decor transition.

Seasonal Color Change

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Color makes a big difference, especially in home decor and especially when transitioning between summer and fall. Summer colors are often light but bright while fall color patterns are deeper, richer, and darker. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, purples and dark greens are reminiscent of autumn. Incorporate these types of colors into your home. You can even do this without replacing all of your summer or year-round favorite decorations. Just add a pop of deep fall colors into what you already have.

Putting new cushions on benches and chairs are an inexpensive and easy way to add fall colors to your home decor. Throw pillows, door mats and placemats on your dining table are fabulous fall decorating ideas too! Slipcovers or furniture protectors in deep fall hues make great decor options. Plus, they have the added benefit of protecting against muddy paws or spills!

Your bathroom and kitchen hand towels should be replaced too. As well as your soaps in these locations too. Swap both out for anything in a fall color scheme.

Look around your home, and you will find plenty of places to add in pops of fall color. Try to think outside the box too. A new lampshade in a gold or aubergine hue may do the trick. Or new vases, sconces or candlesticks for your coffee table or mantel might be the right fall touch for your home.

Switch to Fall Fabrics

Simply swap out fabrics to easily welcome fall into your home. Faux fur, flannel, fuzzy fabrics, wool and more are great fall fabrics. Add faux fur or flannel blankets across the top of the couch. Toss a fuzzy throw pillow onto your loveseat. Put a wool rug down just inside the door and in front of the fireplace for a warm welcome. Another great use of rugs is to layer them. Leave your summer rug down and throw a fall fabric runner or smaller rug down on top of it. The layering invokes a feeling of warmth that goes perfectly with fall!

Switching out your door mat for a fall-inspired own is great too. You may also consider adding a rubber boot tray to your entryway for drying off rainy, muddy fall boots and shoes.

Go with Nature

Nothing says fall more than falling leaves, pumpkin patches, acorns and the like. Take the hint from Mother Nature and use it all in your home decor come autumn. A brilliant fall foliage wreath adorning your front door welcomes the season as well as guests to your home. A centerpiece of pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones is the perfect accompaniment to your dining table. Fill a glass vase with acorns and a faux pillar candle to create a gorgeous fall-inspired mantel or table piece. Take your favorite white faux candle and glue twigs around it, tie with twine and you have a perfect fall decor item! Accent your entryway or fireplace with fall leaf garland. A simple bowl of apples on the kitchen table perfectly denotes fall (plus, they make a great healthy snack for the kids getting home from back to school!).

Fire Up For Fall

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There’s just something about a flickering flame that really makes you feel cozy and ready for fall. Ignite a flame in your fireplace for warmth. Make sure you prepare the fireplace by cleaning it first. Also, the hearth and mantel is a great and easy way to add fall decorations. Garland, candles, small pumpkins, faux leaves, and pine cones look great scattered across the mantel in a decorative display.

If you don’t have a fireplace, get the same feeling by adding candles throughout your home for decoration. And don’t be afraid of using faux candles as a safer way to incorporate this fall home decorating idea. Use lifelike flickering flame lights instead! Get candles in fall colors and your favorite fall scents, like apple cinnamon, pumpkin pie, caramel latte, cloves and more, and use them throughout your home. You will be transfixed by these fall scents and will forget about summer in no time!

Let There Be More Light

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, you will need more lighting in the fall than in the summer months. Add a floor lamp in an entryway or dark corner for functional decor. A fall-colored lamp shade is a perfect adornment. Hang pendant lights or track lighting in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room or living room for ambient light that can be adjusted if need be. Put string lights into a non-working fireplace or add to a vase for little extra light. Lanterns are perfect fall decorations and they can offer just enough extra light as well. Put larger lanterns on the floor near an entryway, picture window or fireplace. Use smaller lanterns to adorn your mantel or create a gorgeous lighted centerpiece for mood lighting at dinner.

Hang sheer curtains on the windows or remove blinds so that you can utilize as much natural light as possible during the day too.

Are You Ready to Try These Easy Fall Home Decorating Ideas?

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These are just a few simple fall home decorating ideas to get you started. When it comes to fall home decor, there’s really no shortage of ideas, fabrics or colors that look great. It’s all about adding that warmth to your home while the weather turns a bit chilly. What are some of your favorite fall home decorating ideas?

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