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If you’re looking for fall decorating ideas, but don’t know where to start…think leaves (the more colorful the better!). Our Sunflower Collection has everything you need to transform your home from summer to fall. Mixed with realistic-looking sunflower, berries, leaves and real pine cones, these fall decorations are easy to put up and are plentiful enough to cover just about every main focal point of your home.

Outdoor Fall Decorations

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Start with decorating the mailbox. It’s usually something that goes undecorated, but it really should be included in your overall theme. The Sunflower Mailbox Swag adds a nice elegant touch to an otherwise nondescript box. This mailbox swag is covered in fall decor and has convenient, battery-operated lights that can be set on a timer. Snap-on straps make attaching the swag to your mailbox a synch. Hang a Sunflower Basket on your porch, deck or if you have steps leading up to your door, hang a couple of baskets along the railing.

Step by Step Guide on How to Hang Garland Infographic

Now it’s time to decorate the front door with some fall-colored garland. To determine how much garland you are going to need to surround your door frame with minimal excess, measure from the ground to the top of the outer edge of the door frame to get the vertical measurement. Don’t forget, you’re going to be hanging the garland completely around the door so you’ll need to double the number to account for the other side of the door frame. Next, measure across the door at the outer edge of the trim to get the horizontal length of garland that you will need. Add the numbers together to get the total amount of garland needed to completely cover your door frame.

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Once you have the garland, it’s time to hang it. Beginning at the top of the door, attach the fall garland using garland hangers, making sure to place it outside the door frame. It’s probably not going to be necessary, but once the garland is up, you can add additional wireless, battery-operated lights through the garland (be sure to place the lights so the on/off switch is easily-accessible) and add any additional fall-themed decorations that you want.

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If you have a metal or glass door, you can attach a fall-colored wreath to your door using a magnetic wreath hanger – it’s the best choice if you don’t want to hang a bar over your door or if you’re not going to need to adjust the wreath at any time. If you have french doors, using an adjustable over-the-door wreath hanger would probably be a better choice.

Indoor Fall Decorations

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To decorate your stair railing for Fall, drape some luscious garland around the banister and weave a couple of fall-colored bows or fall-themed decorations into the mix. Or, for a unique look, attach some beautifully-lit stairway swag to your stair railing. Hang the Sunflower Fall Wreath above your fireplace and sit some fun Spiky Owls on your mantel. Place a Sunflower Centerpiece on the table to hold your battery-operated flameless candles – this table decoration is 30″ wide so if you have a large rectangular dining table, you might want to purchase two and run them down the entire length of the table.

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