Outdoor Lounge Space: How to Create an Eclectic Look

Outdoor living space furnished with solar lanterns, decorative bowl filled with ice and drinks, Acapulco accent chairs, potted plants, trays, and drinking glasses

In our classic outdoor lounge space blog post, we gave you a guide for creating a look that’s elegant and timeless. This time, we thought we’d give you steps for creating an eclectic look. The vibe is funkier and laid back and has a “grab a chair, have a drink, and kick back” kind of attitude and feel. Let’s get started!

Create an Eclectic Outdoor Lounge Space

How to Create an Outdoor Lounge Area-Eclectic Look Infographic

Patio Chairs

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Use our Acapulco Outdoor Accent Chair, and your outdoor lounge space will become a cool place to have a conversation. Dress up the patio chairs with a decorative outdoor pillow to give it an added accent. You can leave these outdoor chairs in the sun thanks to the UV-treated tubing which resists fading in the sun. Everyone will gravitate to this hip, retro, pear-shaped backyard lounge chair, so make sure you get more than one.

Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting can set the mood of your space. Not only will our brightly colored Ceramic Solar Lanterns make a statement, but they’ll add beautiful light patterns to your outdoor lounge space thanks to the cutout pattern. The solar panel requires a full day’s sun charge to shine for six hours at night. They come with a handle for easy hanging or can be used on a tabletop. The Ceramic Solar Lanterns are the perfect accent piece!

Outdoor Cushions

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Adding color to your outdoor lounge space will make it “pop.” Our box edge floor cushions are available in a wide variety of colors, like Bahama Blue, shown below. After all, you don’t want a drab backyard space, do you? Of course, you don’t! If you’re worried that the outdoor cushion will fade, don’t be. It meets or exceeds accepted standards against fading, as verified by independent testing.

Outdoor Pillows

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A decorative outdoor print pillow, like the Whimsy Flower Melon, will add personality and comfort to your outdoor lounge space wherever you toss it! Each outdoor throw pillow features a cotton-like woven cover that’s fade and mildew resistant. Plus, it zips off for washing. The best part is that you could use our outdoor print pillows indoors, so you could bring the outdoors indoors.

Outdoor Rug

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The Rugby Stripe Outdoor Rug combines neutrals with pops of color to brighten your outdoor lounge space. It’s outstandingly durable and super-easy to clean; just vacuum or rinse with a hose. The outdoor rug is UV-treated to resist fading. You could use it indoors, too!

Outdoor Table

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Your friends will have much to say about the outdoor accent table. Why? Because the elephant base makes it a strong statement piece for your outdoor lounge space. The oval-shaped table top is great for holding beverages, snacks, and even a small vase or plant. When your family and friends visit, don’t be surprised if the conversation centers around your outdoor décor.

Are You Ready to Makeover Your Outdoor Lounge Space?

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Imagine that you’ve made over your outdoor lounge space using our guide. When family and friends visit, they can’t believe the transformation. Everyone loves the eclectic look and even asks you how you put everything together. Of course, you just smile and say that it was simple.

Not only have you created a cool and hip outdoor space for conversations, but you have an area of your home where you can kick back and relax whenever you want to do so. All because you’ve followed the steps.

If you think this seems impossible, it’s not. Just bookmark this post and refer back to it when you’re ready to makeover your outdoor lounge space.

And if you’d like to add privacy to your area, we have a post about how to add privacy to your deck or porch.

Enjoy your backyard lounge space!

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