Easy Thanksgiving Crafts the Whole Family Can Do!

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Some people seem to go straight from Halloween to Christmas, but if you want to have a lot of fun, decorate your home for Thanksgiving! These Thanksgiving crafts are fun and easy to do and will give your home a warm and festive feeling when the family gathers for the feast. Check out some of our favorite craft ideas like creating a Grateful Note Board, setting up a Globe Centerpiece and putting together a Felt Turkey craft project!

Felt Turkey Art

What you need:

  • 5″ Turkey stencil
  • 3 pieces of felt in fall colors i.e. yellow, brown, red, orange
  • (3) 8″ square (or another size of your choice) brown shadow box frames
  • 3 pieces of fall colored scrapbook paper
  • 3 different 1/4″ fall colored ribbons, about 12″ in length
  • Glue dots

Cut the pieces of scrapbook paper into three 6″ squares. Mount the paper in the center of the frame with glue dots. Using the free printable turkey stencil, trace one turkey on each piece of felt and cut them out. Mount the felt turkeys on the center of the 6″ paper squares with glue dots. Arrange them so that the turkey and the paper are different colors in each frame. Make three small bows out of the ribbons. Attach the bows somewhere on the turkey for a cute addition. Assemble the frames and arrange them on the wall to your liking.

Globe Centerpieces

What you need:

  • An old globe (perhaps from a thrift store, or the storage bins in the attic)
  • An X-ACTO knife
  • Gorilla glue
  • Two 4″ wide candle holders (approximately 5″ tall)
  • Small pumpkins
  • Small gourds
  • Dried seedpods
  • Small pine cones
  • Dried, burnt orange leaves
  • Twigs

With the X-Acto knife, separate the two hemispheres of the globe by cutting along the equator. With the gorilla glue, attach each half of the globe to a candle holder so that it becomes a bowl. Arrange all of the pumpkins, gourds, seedpods, pine cones, leaves, and twigs in each bowl. Put them in the center of your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Grateful Note Board

What you need:

  • 11×14 frame
  • Foam core 11″x14″
  • 13″x16″ piece of muslin or tan colored linen
  • Duct tape
  • Fall colored scrapbook paper
  • Leaf stencils
  • Tacks or pins

Cover the foam core with the muslin or linen. Wrap the edges around to the back and tape the edges down with the duct tape. Put the board in the frame. Trace and cut out as many free printable leaf shapes as you can out of the scrapbook paper. If you don’t want to use the leaf stencils, you can create a pattern using real leaves.

Before your Thanksgiving feast, place the frame on a stand on a table near the door. Put the leaf cutouts in a bowl next to the frame and have a marker or pen sitting next to them. Either stick the pins into the foam core or have them in a bowl as well. As guests arrive, ask them to write down what they are grateful for on a leaf and pin it to the board. Later in the evening, you can read the comments to all of the guests.

Another idea is to have the frame set up for the entire month of November to see what friends and family members are grateful for all throughout the month.

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