Easter Crafts: How to Make Easter Bunny Napkins and Spring Wreath

DIY burlap Easter wreath

Easter is widely celebrated around the world. It is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. But it is also a time for family gatherings and a symbolic beginning of the spring season. The Easter Bunny is also a widely recognized folkloric figure and symbol of Easter.  Get started on your Easter celebration with these easy Easter crafts!

How to Make Easter Crafts That The Whole Family Will Love

Easter is a time to celebrate and bring the whole family together. You can get into the Easter spirit by decorating your home with colorful Easter eggs, flowers and a lovely burlap spring wreath. And then on the holiday itself, impress guests with fun, origami bunny napkins. It is a delightful surprise the whole family will appreciate.

Easter Crafts: Bunny Napkin Fold Craft Supplies

  • Durable paper napkins (1 napkin makes 1 bunny)

Easter Bunny Napkin Fold Craft Directions

Step-by-step of bunny napkin craft.

  1. Start with a square napkin and unfold it completely. Then fold it in half forming a horizontal rectangle.
  2. Fold it again in half lengthwise to form a longer, thinner rectangle.
  3. Then, fold the top corners down along the center line.
  4. Fold up the bottom corners to meet the center. Your napkin should be in the shape of a square.
  5. Bring the left and right edges in together on the center line. Your napkin should now be shaped like a kit. Flip this upside down and turn it around.
  6. Turn up the bottom point to create a triangle.
  7. To fasten, fold the left and right corners back then tuck one corner into the pocket of the other.
  8. Turn the bunny around so that it’s facing you and adjust the ears as necessary.

Easter Crafts: Wreath Supplies

  • Metal wreath form
  • Two 5″ burlap rolls (12-15 yards)
  • Glue gun
  • Embellishments (your choice)

Easter Wreath Directions

Step-by-step of Easter burlap wreath, includes burlap, wire wreath, faux flowers, and finished product.

  1. Start by looping one end of the burlap through the wire wreath form. Continue weaving the burlap in and out of the metal form forming loops as you go.
  2. Continue this process until the entire wreath is filled. The more burlap you use the fuller the wreath will be. When you’re done you’ll want to “fluff up” any twisted loops and move the burlap around to conceal the metal frame.
  3. Glue on embellishments with a hot glue gun. Hang your wreath and enjoy!

Show Off That Easter Spirit with These Easter Crafts

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Celebrate the Easter spirit by decorating your home and preparing for the upcoming holiday. Impress family and friends with these simple, yet elegant crafts. The bunny napkins add a bit a fun to your Easter brunch or dinner and the wreath adds that touch of sophistication. If you are looking for other easy Easter crafts, check out our blog post, Easy Easter Crafts. We also offer some fun, outside of the egg carton Easter egg coloring ideas. And for more Easter fun, check out our Ideas for Easter Games.

Have a very happy Easter! And, we’d love to see your bunnies or wreaths. Share it with us on Pinterest!

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