DIY Halloween Decorations–Licorice Brains in a Jar

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Elevate your Halloween party display with this gruesome, yet yummy, DIY Halloween decoration that resembles brains in a jar. And the best (possibly grossest) part? They are edible! This DIY Halloween decoration can be displayed in your kitchen, on your mantel, or on your food table during a Halloween party – it’s perfect for an adult Halloween party and just gross-looking enough for a Halloween party for kids.

DIY Halloween Decoration – Brains in a Jar: What You Need

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  • Jell-O (a fun color that will show off your “brains”; a lighter color like yellow or orange works best)
  • Pull ‘n’ Peel Licorice
  • A small jar (about half the size of a regular mason jar)

DIY Halloween Decorations – Brains in a Jar: Directions

  1. Begin by making the entire pack of Jell-O as directed on the box.
  2. Fill a jar about 1/3 full of Jello-O and put it in the fridge. Set the rest aside.
  3. Pull apart the licorice to separate all the strings.
  4. Start making a small ball with the individual licorice pieces. The licorice is pretty sticky so it should cling to itself pretty easily. When the ball is about 1″ in diameter, wind the licorice strings around the ball to look like brains.
  5. Remove the jar of Jell-O from the fridge after 2 hours or so. It should be firm but still a little watery. Place your licorice brain in the jar. You can place it in the middle or slightly closer to one side to make it look like it has shifted around (& possibly still alive!)." "
  6. Pour the rest of the Jell-O over your licorice brain in the jar and place it in the fridge for 4 hours so it can fully set. (Note: your licorice brain in a jar can sit in the fridge overnight, but the licorice tends to expand over time.)

When you display this creepy DIY Halloween decoration at your Halloween party, add some extra glow to the jar by placing a light underneath or behind the jar.

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