DIY Halloween Decorations – Free Halloween Printables

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Need some quick DIY Halloween decorations for your Halloween party? We created these fun and free Halloween printables to help you put together a low cost (but high quality) Halloween party. With some minor cutting and gluing you can create ghostly Halloween garland for your table, a Halloween banner for your stairs or fireplace, and even add a little fright to your desserts with free cupcake toppers.

Free Halloween Printables: Ghastly Garland

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  • Print out the Halloween cutouts that you want to use in your Halloween garland. You can mix and match like we did or, if you have a specific theme (like Ghosts), simply print out multiple pages of the cutout.
  • Measure where you are going to place your Halloween banner and cut the twine to the desired length (make sure your twine will be long enough to drape around the table).
  • Cut out the designs that you’re going to use in your Halloween banner. We printed enough cutouts so they could be spaced 6″ apart, but you can do more or less depending on your preference.
  • Glue the cutouts to the twine and drape the Halloween garland where you want it.

Free Halloween Printables: Cupcake Toppers

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Continue your theme by placing these free cupcake toppers on your dessert table or hors-d’oeuvre tray.

Free Halloween Printables: Scary Sippers

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If you are serving a punch of sorts at your Halloween party, tape these free Halloween stencils to the straws to dress them up. Guests can even write their name on them so there are no mix-ups.

Free Halloween Printables: Halloween Banners

Make a fun Halloween banner! These triangle banners are really trending these days, so we wanted to make sure you had one at your Halloween party. These Halloween banners will look great when hung from mantels, off the stairs, and even on the ceiling or wall. You can mix and match them to create your own look; all you need is some string or twine! We have a few for you to choose from:

“Happy Halloween” Banner

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“Spooky” Halloween Banner

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Decorative Orange Triangles Halloween Banner

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