DIY Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

With Christmas approaching, you may be looking for some fun ideas on how to top the Christmas tree. While a Christmas tree angel is absolutely beautiful, there are also some other fun ideas that might be your style. Check out some of our favorite Christmas tree topper ideas like a Frosty the Snowman’s hat, a Ribbon Christmas tree topper and learn how to make an easy, old-fashioned Angel tree topper.

Frosty’s Top Hat Tree Topper

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What you need:

  • A black top hat (from a thrift store, craft store, costume store, etc.)
  • Spray-on snow or white spray-on glitter
  • 2″ thick red ribbon, about double the length of the circumference of the hat
  • Holly berries and leaves
  • Hot glue

Take the hat and spray the rim with the snow or glitter (if you’re going to use spray snow, make sure you follow the directions on the can). You can also add some snow to the top of the hat. Next, wrap the ribbon around the base of the hat, just above the rim and tie a big bow. Apply a few dots of glue to the back of the ribbon and the knot of the bow to secure it in place. Glue holly berries and leaves in and around the bow. Place the hat on the top of the tree.

An Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Angel Topper

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What you need:

  • A 12″x12″ piece of tan craft paper (the inside of a paper grocery bag would work just fine)
  • Jute twine
  • Silver or gold glitter
  • Scissors
  • A 1″ Styrofoam ball (or create your own ball out of paper)

Our old fashioned Christmas tree angel topper is super easy! The first step to making this Christmas tree angel is to crumple up the piece of tan craft paper – be careful not to rip it. Then straighten it back out without flattening the wrinkles. With the wrong side of the paper facing up (if you’re using a paper grocery bag, the “wrong” side is the side with any writing), put the ball in the middle and wrap the paper around it. Tie it off with the twine so that the ball is tucked securely inside the paper. Turn it over so the ball is on top. You just made the head.

Trim around the edges if needed to give the Christmas tree angel a smooth skirt. Bend the sides of the paper outward to form wings – be sure you bend them around and not up so your angel doesn’t look like a ghost. Run a glue stick over the angel and sprinkle her with some glitter to give her a little character. Place your Christmas tree angel on the top of your Christmas tree!

Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper

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What you need:

  • Christmas bows (or ribbon if you want to make your own bows)
  • Twist ties or floral wire
  • Holly berries, leaves, lights, poinsettias and hot glue (optional)

One of the oldest and easiest Christmas tree topper ideas includes ribbons and bows. Either purchase large bows or make them with your ribbon. Attach 3 or 4 to the top of the tree with twist ties or floral wire so that you can see the bow from every angle. Allow the ribbons to hang down and wind in and out of branches on the tree. If you prefer, you can also put holly berries and leaves, lights, and/or poinsettias in and around the bows using hot glue.

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  1. Lee says:

    Looking for a spectacular Christmas tree topper and wrap around tree device/ornament for a ‘Mermaid Under the Sea’ theme for our local Children’s Hospital fundraiser.

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