Decorating Tips: How to Easily Redecorate Your Home for Summer

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Summertime evokes that airy, happy, colorful, light, bright, and relaxed feeling. And you want your home to reflect that as well. You can easily redecorate your home for summer with these easy, affordable decorating tips.

Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Summer-Ready

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To get your home ready for summer, you don’t have to bust your budget and completely remodel. You can easily redecorate your home for summer with a few quick items. It is really more about replacing your cozy winter items with fresh, breezy summery items. Open your windows, let in the breeze and follow these few decorating tips to capture that perfect summertime feeling with your home decor.

Simply Redecorate Your Home with a Pop of Color

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By adding in a burst of bright colors, you can easily transform any room into a summer-ready haven. Toss a couple of bright yellow, green or pink throw pillows onto your sofa or porch swing and you’ll instantly feel ready for summer. Add a bold pattern chair cushion or furniture cover in bright summer colors. Area rugs and hand towels are more easy ways to add color and invoke the feeling of summer. Change up the towels and rugs in your bathroom with the seasons; you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes. Another great way to introduce summertime colors is with plastic or melamine dinnerware and glassware. It allows you to have fun without spending a lot of money. Plus, there are always fun colors and patterns available.

Summer is a great time to try something new and step outside of your typical design style. Have fun, be bold and enjoy the color! Mix and match patterns and bold colors to create a new aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to try different things.

Add Life to Home Decor with Fresh Flowers

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There is no better way to welcome summer and friends and family than with fresh-cut flowers or blooming plants. Keep your favorite flowers and plants growing on your patio, deck or garden so you can cut and bring them inside for centerpieces or a large vase on a coffee table or mantel. Switch it up all summer long by bringing home different flowers. Fresh bouquets are instant mood boosters and offer a brightness to any room.

Put fresh herbs in the kitchen for summer. Basil is great in a pot on its own and will easily last the whole summer. Plus, it’s great in summer pasta, salads, and cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, mint is also great to grow in your kitchen. Either set out individual pots or get a larger planter. Wall planters are great for herbs in the kitchen and so practical because they don’t take up counter space.

Bathrooms are a great place to add a fresh plant or flowers. Try an aloe plant so you have it on hand to help with the inevitable summer sunburn. Sunflowers in a tall floor vase are a great summer accent too. Or a fresh bouquet on the sink will brighten up the room.

Make your flowers and plants even more summery by using a nontraditional vase or planting vessel. Try planting succulents in a large seashell. Use a quaint metal watering can as a flowerpot. Consider using a mason jar for cut flowers. Think outside of the vase and use your favorite summer items to plant your favorite flowers. Check out our blog on how to choose a houseplant for each room of your home for more great ideas.

Invoke the Summer Through Scents

Flowers and herbs are great for adding summer scents in your home, but this can also be achieved through candles, air fresheners and more. Get a coconut-scented candle to make you feel like you are at the beach even if you’re stuck in the city. Add a cucumber melon-scented soap to your bathroom for a fresh, summer scent. Switch out your regular dish soap for a citrus-scented one. Get fresh linen scented gel beads to add to your table centerpiece. A freshly mowed lawn candle is great especially if you live in an apartment and miss that fresh summer scent. There are plenty of options to really make your home feel summery just because of the scent you choose. Keep it light, fruity and florally.

Are you ready to try these summer decorating tips?

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Making your home look ready for summer really can be this easy. Simply add a pop of color, a fresh scent or a floral arrangement and see how much airier and brighten your home becomes. This is a great start and may inspire you to dig deeper and paint a wall a light summer color or add a new piece of summer furniture or even paint your whole home. But until you are ready to completely redecorate your home, these summery decorating tips will do the trick. Once you have your indoors ready for summer, check out our blog on How to Create a Dreamy Outdoor Living Space to get started on the outside. Happy summer! What are some ways you add a bit of summer flare to your home decor?

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