Staircase Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Staircase decorated with Christmas decorations, includes garland and personalized Santa bags

We love focusing on Christmas decorating for the staircase. Why? Because the staircase represents the moment kids first come down and discover the gifts Santa left behind. Even if you don’t have kids or yours are grown and far from Santa days, the staircase is still a magical part of Christmas and always makes for a great photo opportunity. Keep reading to learn Christmas decorating ideas that focus on the staircase in a simply beautiful way. Oh, and make sure to get our tips on how to attach Christmas garland to a staircase.

How to Decorate Your Staircase with Christmas Garland

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Use our tips to decorate your staircase for Christmas. You may want to mix and match to create a unique look!

Christmas Garland for Stairs

Garland galore! There are so many different types and styles of Christmas garland available that you can meet any need you may have. Whether you want classic evergreen garland, vibrant-colored ribbon garland, Christmas lights garland, or fun shapes and characters, there’s a string of it to wrap around your staircase. But keep in mind that it’s not always easy to get the garland to stay where you want it on your stairs. It falls, sags or bunches where it’s not supposed to, and it can be very frustrating. Fix that by using garland ties for stairs.

Ornaments, Christmas Wreaths, and Stockings, Oh My!

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Don’t limit yourself to decorating your staircase with just Christmas garland. Dress it up with ornaments, candy canes, stockings, the Christmas cards you receive this season and more. Or forego traditional garland altogether and focus on the posts instead of the railing for a dramatic Christmas decorating idea for your staircase. Accessorize the stairs with Christmas wreaths, swags, branch bundles, lighted words, or anything else to bring that festive spirit to your staircase. Hang large ornament decorations or bundles of ornaments in between each pole. Wrap two poles with tinsel garland to create characters. Use gold to make reindeer, red to create Santa or green to make your favorite elf. Secure a bunch of lighted branches with garland ties at regular intervals along the staircase posts.

Festive Christmas Lights to Light Your Way

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Christmas lights always brighten up any room and any person who needs some holiday cheer! Twinkling lights, hanging lights, icicle lights would all look great cascading down your staircase alone or add lights to Christmas garland for an even more spirited holiday look. Lights can also be wrapped around the staircase poles to really light up the space. Mix it up to meet your aesthetic and explore all kinds of light options. Pre-lit Christmas garland comes in many options so you can skip the hassle of doing it yourself and make it nice and easy.

Get In Step with Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas

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It’s not just about the railing or posts; you can decorate the actual stairs as well. Line the stairs with gift packages, topiaries, battery-operated candles, decorative lanterns, small Christmas trees or the like. Just be careful that the decorations do not interfere with people’s ability to safely traverse the stairs. If you have a narrow staircase, stick to decorating the rail or posts or utilize stair treads for an additional pop of Christmas cheer. Choose a solid color and sponge paint them with fun holiday designs and colors for a more festive feel.

Which Staircase Decorating Ideas for Christmas Will You Use?

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So many options, so little time. Get out there and decorate those stairs because the holidays will soon be here, and before you know it, the kids will be lined up in their pajamas waiting to see what Santa brought. You don’t want to memorialize that moment on a naked staircase!

How are you highlighting your staircase this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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