How To Decorate a Fence with Planters

Railing planters on a fence

Do you have a fenced-in yard? If so, you have a great opportunity to expand your garden or create one without a lot of fuss. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small area. And the easiest and simplest way to do this is with planters. Some of which are self-watering. See that. If you go on vacation, you won’t have to worry about your plants and flowers getting enough water. But more on that later. Keep reading to learn how to decorate a fence with planters because it will give you with the opportunity to bring more plants and flowers into your outdoor space.

What Type of Planter Should You Use?

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Decorating your backyard with planters can add more beauty to your landscape. But what which one should you choose? Let’s explore the different options available.


These include hanging baskets and window boxes and usually come in terra cotta, plastic, wood, stone, and wrought iron. Each one adds its own charm to an outdoor living space. Of course, they also have advantages and disadvantages. Terra cotta and plastic are usually lighter and easy to move, while stone containers are stationary. Wood planters are less expensive and can add a rustic look to your backyard. However, they require annual maintenance to prevent rotting. However, cedar wood is rot-resistant.


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If you want to put watering your flowers and plants on autopilot, consider using self-watering planters. They feature a sub-irrigation water system to encourage healthy root growth by drawing up water as needed, for several days or even weeks. Some even have a water indicator so that you’ll know when it’s time to refill the reservoir.


Certain types of plants require certain types of planters, For instance, strawberry plants are usually grown in strawberry jars because they have a pocket for each plant. This also works for annual plants with shallow root systems because each pocket prevents roots from fighting for water. Strawberry pots are made from ceramic or plastic materials. You may also use them to grow cascading plants.


If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your backyard, choose novelty planter pots. They come in decorative shapes and colors and many hold a pot of flowers. Keep in mind that smaller novelty planters are mainly ornamental as they provide little room for plants. However, shallow-rooted plants tend to grow better in confined spaces.

Recycled Items

Before you toss out that coffee or soup can, purse, or leaky bucket, consider using them as planters. Keep in mind that the item you use will need should not have contained toxic materials and have good drainage. It must also be large enough to support and accommodate the plant or flower you want to grow. However, the only limit is your imagination.

How to Decorate a Fence with Planters

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Whether you have a chain link or wooden fence, check out the ways you can decorate it with planters. You can enjoy the fresh taste of herbs or your favorite vegetables and the beauty of flowers, even if you have a small space.

Wood Fence

Dress up your wood fence with hanging planters. Remember, you can use recycled items, from a purse to mason jars with handles. Drill or screw hooks into your fence and hang them straight across or in a pattern. If you use coffee or soup cans, peel off the labels, rinse them out, and paint each one in your favorite color. Mix and match for a unique look. Suspend the cans from your fence, and you’ll have a vibrant outdoor decoration.

Chain Link Fence

Consider placing adjustable railing planter boxes on your chain link fence. They’re held in place with adjustable anchoring adjusters. Simply place them over the railing and you’ll have a beautiful floral display in no time. You may even use them on a balcony. Another option is to use ones that hook over the links; they’re easy to install and remove. To create a unique look. stagger them across your fence.

Spruce Up Your Backyard with Planters

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If you haven’t taken advantage of the unused vertical space that a fence provides, you’re missing the opportunity to decorate your outdoor living space with the flowers and plants you love. And if you want to plant a garden, but don’t want the commitment, planters are a great compromise. You can plant your favorite veggies and herbs and add them to your meals. So instead of letting your fence just stand there, use planter boxes to add color and style to your backyard.

Have you decorated your fence with planters? Let us know in the comments.

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