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If you have a nice deck, chances are you’ve pretty much converted it into a second living area – a place where you and your family and friends can gather and have a good time. In the warm months, you’ve probably also found a great deck space is a nice place to go if you want to be alone and lounge around. Sometimes you may feel like you’re on display when you’re on your deck so we’ve put together a few deck privacy ideas to help you feel more comfortable and, if necessary, even block your neighbor’s prying eyes.

Make Your Deck a More Comfortable & Private Space with Deck Privacy Screens

Add a Deck Privacy Screen
Deck privacy screens are available in a variety of different styles, colors , and even textures so it should be fairly simple for you to find one to fit your needs and match your decor. Some deck privacy screens are portable so you can set them up just when you need some privacy and then remove them when you’re ready to go back into the house.

If you want a more permanent solution, some deck privacy screens can be installed right into the floor of your deck or attached to your deck railing. Most deck privacy screens are configurable panels so you can angle them in different positions depending on how you want to set up your deck. If you like the look of a greenery trellis, but you don’t have a fence to attach it to, you can install privacy screen poles and weave the greenery through them. To give you privacy from above, you can install a shade sail to trees, poles or any other permanent structure.

Deck privacy screens options:

Plant a Tree
To give yourself some deck privacy as well as some additional greenery, plant a tree close to the deck. Make sure you take into account the root size of the tree that you’re planting so it won’t interfere with the foundation of your home or the structure of the deck. You’ll want to do a little research to find out what type of large tree will flourish in your area. Some of the trees that would give you the most privacy on your deck are:

  • Evergreen trees. Specifically, evergreens that are very dense. Not only will they block the view from the neighbors, but they will also help filter out unwanted noises. You can find evergreens in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Weeping willow trees. This type of tree looks like a canopy, with branches that droop down. Because it can spread up to 35 feet wide and will typically reach the ground, it is great for providing privacy.

Form A Lush Haven
If you live in an area where beautiful, thick plants can thrive all year long, plant them right in the ground all around the deck. Find plants that will grow quickly and have leaves that are large, giving you the deck privacy that you need. If your climate allows, Bougainvillea not only makes a great deck privacy bush but will also double as a privacy fence. They have bright, beautiful flowers and thick shrubbery to block your neighbor’s view while giving your something pleasant to look at and their thorny leaves will keep unwanted guests from arriving.

If your plants will not do well during certain seasons or if your deck is high off of the ground, plant shrubbery and flowers in big pots all around the deck. If your deck railing is made of metal bars or has wooden slats with openings, you can weave some ivy (either faux or real) or other growing vines through the railings to give you more privacy.

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