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When you are coming up with deck lighting ideas, you may want to think outside the box. Today there are many deck lighting solutions that are not only functional, but are also environmentally friendly, interesting, and even fun.

Light Up the Night with These Deck Lighting Solutions

Solar Deck Lighting

  • Solar post lights are easy to install. Simply attach them to the side of the posts on your deck railing. When you are deciding which side of the post to attach them to, keep in mind the position of the sun. These solar deck lights will need to charge throughout the day, so be sure the solar panels will not be shaded by the post.
  • Solar spot lights are another popular deck lighting choice. You can attach these solar lights directly to the wall or hang them from the eaves of the house and when the sun goes down, the lights turn on.
  • Post caps are possibly the least obtrusive solar deck lighting option around. After you measure your deck posts, you should be able to find solar post caps that will fit right on top of them. Just set the caps on top of your deck posts and screw them in so that they stay secure.
  • Stone pillar solar deck lights are about 7″ high and have the look and texture of real stone. Set a string of these solar deck lights around your deck or patio to add a lovely nighttime glow to your space.

Flame Deck Lighting

  • Tiki torches are fun for weekend barbecues or luaus. While they are typically stuck directly into the ground, you can also stick them into pots of sand or dirt and arrange them around the area of the deck. If that is not an option for you, secure them with clamps or ropes onto the posts of the deck railing.
  • A fire bowl is a fun deck lighting solution for someone who enjoys the great outdoors. They mimic fire pits and come in multiple sizes. You can put a smaller fire bowl on a tabletop or a larger fire bowl right on the floor of the deck for everyone to sit around. Some fire bowls are wood burning, and you could even roast hot dogs or marshmallows over them.
  • Place some candles in clear lanterns and hang them intermittently on the deck. If you don’t have any place to hang them, you can always sit them on tables or along the side of the deck. Look for candles with a relaxing scent or with citronella to keep the bugs away.

LED Deck Lighting
When you think LED deck lighting, think color! If your deck has various levels, or even if it is just one level, colored LED deck lights could make a very bold statement. Consider attaching colored LED lights below the lip of the steps, underneath the railing, and under the roofline of the gazebo. To correctly attach your LED deck lights:

  • Measure your deck and draw a rough sketch of the entire thing, including railings, gazebos, and other areas of dimension. Mark the electrical sources on your sketch.
  • From your sketch, decide the length of flexible LED strips that you will need.
  • Install the wiring and the light strips.
  • Connect each strip to the power source.
  • Apply clear silicon over the LED strips to protect them from the weather.

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