Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings with names and Merry Christmas embroidered on them

There are plenty of easy, creative, and attractive ways to hang your Christmas stockings this year. If you want to branch out from hanging your Christmas stocking on a mantel or if you just have a ton of stockings to hang, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out this list of creative Christmas stocking holders.

Personalized Wooden Block Christmas Stocking Hangers

Creating your own wwoodblockChristmas stocking hangers is a fun Christmas craft that you can do with the kids. To make one personalized wooden block Christmas stocking holder:

  1. Purchase a 2×4 and cut out two pieces that are 5.5″ long.
  2. Paint the two blocks with acrylic paint. You can use whatever color you want, but Christmas green or red might be a good choice.
  3. Sand the edges if you want them to look aged.
  4. Spray the blocks with an acrylic paint sealer.
  5. Decorate the front (the large, flat surface) of one of the 2×4 pieces. This will eventually stand up, so if you decorate with something directional, make sure the top and bottom are the 4″ lengths and the sides are the 5.5″ lengths. You could add a vinyl letter, a mod-podged photo, or holly berries and leaves.
  6. With the second 2×4 (which is only painted and has no decorations), create an X on the bottom surface (the large, flat surface) so that you can find the center. Drill a pilot hole in the center through the entire 2 inches.
  7. With the first 2×4 (the one you decorated) create an X on the bottom edge (the 2″x4″ side) and drill a pilot hole about an inch into the wood.
  8. Stand the decorated 2×4 upside down with the decorated front facing you, so that you can see the pilot hole. Place the second 2×4 on top of it with the 2×5.5 side facing you (also upside down) so that the holes line up. Screw them together from the bottom.
  9. Turn it over and measure to the center of the 2″x5.5″ front side of the base. Drill a pilot hole.
  10. Attach a screw-in hook from the hardware store to the front of the base piece (through the pilot hole).
  11. Stand it on the mantel and hang your stocking on it.

Use Household Items as a Christmas Stocking Hanger

Christmas stocking holders do not have to be attached to a fireplace or sitting on a mantel. The following are some ideas that you could use to hang Christmas stockings using everyday household items.

  • Bedposts. Have each member of the family hang their own stocking from their bedpost. It would be a fun surprise for children to wake up to full stockings hanging from the posts of their beds.
  • Ladders. If you have an old wooden ladder, give it a good sanding and bring it in for the stocking hanger. You could give it a fresh coat of paint, or leave it weathered and worn. Hammer a few nails at different points on the ladder, hang your stockings on the nails and stand it by the Christmas tree.
  • Coat Racks. A coat rack typically has multiple arms where you could hang your stockings.
  • Walls. Hang the stockings on the wall, going up the stairway. Find empty wall space in the living room, hang the stockings on it, and hang photos of the family from past Christmases around the stockings.
  • Dresser or Cabinet Knobs. Many dressers and cabinets have knobs that are perfect to hang a stocking on. You can hang each Christmas stocking on each person’s individual dresser, or hang everyone’s stockings on the curio cabinet knobs in the living room.

Other Christmas Stocking Holder Ideas

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  • Ornament Display Trees. Hang your stockings on an ornament display tree so you can place your Christmas stockings in any part of the house you like. If you’re having a large dinner party, you can set up and ornament display tree in your dining room and hang your stockings on it – now you’ve got yourself an instant Christmas party decoration.
  • Stocking Holders. If you don’t want to put nails in your wood fireplace, use a non-permanent solution like stocking holder hooks. These Christmas stocking holders have fun holiday motifs for a special seasonal touch.

If your fireplace is enclosed in brick and you’re not sure how to hang your stockings, see our article, Yes You Can! How To Hang Stockings & Wreaths On A Brick Wall.

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