Creative Ideas on Where and How to Hang Christmas Lights

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Decorating the outside of your home is a fun way to show your Christmas spirit. We believe you can never have too many Christmas lights so here are some fun outdoor spots that can use a little illumination during the holidays:

Hanging Christmas Lights Outdoors

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  • Around the windows and planters on your home.
  • Along the driveway, walkway, or other paths.
  • Around the front door using lighted garland strands.
  • Along the edge of the roofline.
  • On bushes and trees using net lights.
  • Wrapped around pillars or posts using LED tree trunk lights.

Measure the area where you will hang the lights so you know how many to purchase. You can either purchase incandescent lights or LED lights. Incandescent lights are a little less expensive, and LED lights will last longer and use about 90% less energy. Collect the supplies you’ll need to hang the Christmas lights:

When you’ve got everything ready to go, here are some tips on how to hang Christmas lights outdoors:

  • Get a partner and try to hang the outdoor Christmas lights during the day when there is the most light.
  • Unwrap the Christmas lights and extension cords and plug them in for a test run. Replace any missing bulbs. Throw out light strands that are damaged.
  • If you are wrapping Christmas lights around a post or a tree, begin at the top and work your way down. You can use adhesive or wire to secure the lights.
  • After you have connected three strands of lights together end to end, begin again with a new strand.
  • If you are using Christmas light clips or hooks for the roof, follow the instructions on the packaging. If you are running the lights along a path, follow the instructions on the stakes.
  • Plug the extension cords into weatherproof outdoor timer power strip so that you don’t have cords running all over the yard and you won’t have to remember to turn the Christmas lights on and off each night.

Hanging Christmas Lights Indoors

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After you have the outdoors all decked with lights, you can hang Christmas lights inside your home. The following are some places that you might want some Christmas lights:

  • Around the walls of your bedroom.
  • Around the windows using battery-operated Christmas lights.
  • On the Christmas tree.
  • On the fireplace mantel.
  • Up the stair rail using battery operated Christmas lights.
  • On a Christmas wreath.

Measure the area where you will hang the lights so that you know how many to strands of Christmas lights to purchase. For the Christmas tree, you will use about 100-200 lights per 1 1/2 feet. Collect a few other supplies:

  • Transparent tape if you plan on hanging lights on windows or walls.
  • Tacks if you don’t mind poking holes in the wall.
  • Twist ties for hanging lights on the Christmas tree.

Now that you have the lights and a few other supplies, you can begin to hang the Christmas lights.

  • Unwrap and untangle the lights. Plug them in to make sure they work and are not damaged. Replace missing or broken bulbs and throw out frayed wires.
  • Begin at the highest point and work your way down.
  • For windows and walls, you can simply tape the wire down.
  • If you would rather use tacks for the wall, push the tacks into the wall and set the lights right on top of the tacks. Do not push the tacks into the electrical wire.
  • For the tree, begin at the top of the Christmas tree and start wrapping. You could move down each individual branch, attaching the lights with twist ties, or you can just wrap the strand around and around the tree.
  • On wreaths, use battery operated Christmas lights so you won’t have to plug anything in. These lights are also useful in plants or draped around an indoor tree.

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