How to Create an Outdoor Lounge Space

Outdoor Lounge Space

When the weather starts to warm up, you probably can’t wait to get outside. The blue skies. The sunshine. The fresh air. What more could you ask for? How about an outdoor lounge space where you can kick back and relax and entertain your family friends? You have the potential to create an additional living area that’s comfortable, functional, and stylish. Read on to find out how to create an outdoor lounge space. But keep in mind what you’d like to accomplish. 

Ways to Create an Outdoor Lounge Space

How to Create an Outdoor Lounge Area Infographic

Backyard Furniture

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What’s your outdoor style? For example, you may prefer a natural and organic look. Our popular Eucalyptus Deep Seat Outdoor Furniture Group may be the best choice for you. On the other hand, you may prefer a wicker outdoor furniture collection. Both options are weather-resistant and will look great in your outdoor lounge space. If you have a small space and need ideas on how to maximize your space, check out our blog post, Small Patio Furniture Ideas.

Chaise Lounge

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Your outdoor living area won’t be complete without a chaise lounge or a set of two. For example, our Ellicott Metal Chaise Lounge is great for laying down and kicking back and relaxing. If you have a pool, you could add a couple of chaise lounges to your area. Put up a patio umbrella, and you have the perfect solution for how you’ll spend your summer days.

Fire Pit

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Are you a hopeless romantic? To enjoy an evening with the one you love, you may think that you have to make reservations at the latest restaurant. But there’s a better solution. Add a fire pit to your outdoor lounge space! You could complement the look with mood lighting, from flameless candles to patio string lights. There you have it! A romantic dinner for two without the distraction of other people and noises. You and that special someone can gaze into each other’s eyes and up gazing at the stars from the comfort of your home.

Patio Lounge Chair

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Your outdoor living space wouldn’t be complete without a patio lounge chair or two. And if you want to create a hip conversation space, consider our retro-looking Acapulco Patio Chair. They come in a variety of colors and are fade resistant. But let us warn you that these outdoor chairs are so comfy that your guests may not want to leave.

Outdoor Curtains and Shades

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You may love your neighbors, but when you’re having a family get together, you may want to give both you and them some privacy. Outdoor curtains and shades are a great solution! You’ll need outdoor curtain rods, either freestanding or one that attaches to a post or wall. Check out our blog post, How to Hang Outdoor Curtains, and make your space as inviting as your living room.

Outdoor Lighting

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To create the mood for your outdoor lounge space, you’ll want to consider outdoor lighting. For example, you may want to use one or two battery-powered lamps because if the weather turns inclement, at least you’ll have light if your electricity goes out. Of course, you may prefer to use solar lights including color-changing patio lights or solar lanterns. With so many outdoor lighting choices, the possibilities are endless!

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

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No outdoor lounge space would be complete without patio cushions and outdoor pillows. We carry a wide variety of styles, from bolsters to outdoor bench cushions, so you can create the look you want. Use our handy outdoor cushions guide and choose the colors, fabrics, and textures that will show off your style.

Patio Tables

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The style of patio tables you choose will depend on the design of your outdoor lounge space. If you want a place where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee, you may want to use our Kiawah Resin Wicker Patio Coffee Table. You can never have too many outdoor tables!

Patio Umbrella

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Stay cool during the summer with a patio umbrella. If you want to create a Hawaiian look, you may consider our hula outdoor umbrella. If you want to conserve energy while adding light to your patio table, you may want to use a solar patio umbrella. It will keep you cool during the day, and provide you with ambient lighting at night.

Are You Ready to Create Your Outdoor Lounge Space?

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When you think about your outdoor lounge space, you’ll want to consider your style as well as comfort and functionality. But you’ll also want to consider your goal, whether it’s to create an area where family and friends can gather, or somewhere you can kick back and relax in your favorite patio chair with a great book and your favorite beverage. In fact, you may want to visualize how your outdoor lounge space would look. Once you do this, select one piece, for example, backyard furniture, and build your outdoor living area around it. Once you do, the rest of your outdoor lounge space design will fall into place.

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