How to Clean a Concrete Patio Floor

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It’s almost patio season! Patios are the perfect place for hosting an outdoor get-together with friends and family. When you are getting your outdoor party area ready by washing patio furniture and outdoor cushions, don’t forget to clean the concrete patio floor too! 

Clean Your Concrete Patio Floor

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Concrete patio floors really take a beating over the years. They put up with all kinds of different weather, from rain to snow and ice to heat and humidity, and nature’s debris, from bird droppings to spider webs to pine needles to pollen and dust. They need a good cleaning after all of that. Spring is the perfect time to deep clean your concrete patio floor. Before you get out your summer outdoor furniture, get the floor looking shiny and new. Start by sweeping away all dirt and debris and then follow these suggestions from Improvements to get that concrete patio floor ready for the outdoor season!

Use Detergent or Bleach to Clean a Concrete Patio Floor

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For a mildly dirty concrete patio floor, simply wash with dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Use just enough soap to create a nice foam when mixed with water in a bucket. Use a coarse mop or broom to clean the floor then rinse with regular water and let air dry.

A surefire way to clean away stains, mold and gunk is to use bleach or oxidized bleach. Before using bleach, remove any plants to keep them protected. Spray the concrete patio floor with water. Make a diluted bleach solution (1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water) and add to a spray bottle. Coat the patio surface with the solution and let it sit a few minutes. Then thoroughly scrub with a nylon brush. Do not use a metal brush as pieces of metal will break off and cause rusting. A nylon push broom works great and covers much more ground than a regular scrub/cleaning brush. Rinse with water and let dry. Your patio should be sparkly clean. (You should always spot test with the bleach solution to ensure it does not discolor concrete floor.)

If you have residual stains after the concrete patio floor dries, attack them individually. For grease stains, a store-bought degreaser works well. If you have stamped or decorative concrete, test in a small, out of the way area, and always read the label before use. Follow the product instructions precisely. Kitty litter is a great solution for oil stains. Sprinkle on and grind in with your foot (wear old shoes!). Let it sit for up to 24 hours then sweep up the kitty litter and rinse the residual powder away. The stain will come with it! Paint can be cleaned with paint thinner, but do so very carefully. You don’t want to risk discoloring your patio floor. For any other stains, use a stronger detergent or a less diluted bleach mixture and let sit on the stain for 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. The stains should be gone for good!

Natural Cleaning Solutions for a Concrete Patio Floor

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Many people hate the smell of bleach or dislike using chemicals to clean so there are natural, eco-friendly alternatives for cleaning your concrete patio floor.

Vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent so it’s not surprising that it’s a go-to for many. Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and water (add a few pinches of salt if you need to scrub away stains). Spray onto the surface, mop and rinse. If you are adverse to the stink of vinegar, add drops of your favorite essential oil to mask the smell. Use vinegar (not diluted with water) on tough stains and scrub with a nylon brush. Again, if you don’t like that vinegar smell, clean stains first then mop with the diluted vinegar solution with added essential oils.

Baking soda is a good cleaning alternative as well. Its abrasive texture gives it natural scrubbing power to help remove dirt and grime. Mix half cup of baking soda with one gallon of water and mop the concrete patio floor. If there is baking soda residue, spritz with vinegar to remove. For a stronger cleaning solution, add baking soda and liquid soap to water and use to wash the floor. Rinse with water to combat any residue and let air dry.

Hydrogen peroxide is another non-chemical option for cleaning your patio. Simply replace the screw on cap with a spray nozzle, spritz on the concrete patio floor, scrub with wet broom, and now you have a clean surface. If you have any highly soiled areas, spray vinegar over the hydrogen peroxide and scrub with a nylon brush or rag.

Power Away Stains with a Pressure Washer

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One quick and easy way to get your concrete patio floor super clean is using a power washer. And it works great for removing mold and mildew too!

When using a pressure washer, follow the instructions. Always wear protective gear, including eyewear, boots, and gloves. The water is very powerful and should never come into contact with your skin. Spray evenly and steadily along the patio until all dirt is gone. Choose a pressure washer that is strong enough to clean gaps and stuck-on grime and mold.

Get That Concrete Patio Floor Party-Ready!

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Are you ready to clean your concrete patio floor now? These tips are all effective and will get your patio ready for the spring and summer. Remember to spot clean and rinse the patio throughout the summer. Stick to a thorough cleaning plan so that next year’s spring cleaning is easier than expected. Do you have any tips we missed?

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