Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Spice up your holiday dinner with these Christmas table decorations. Whether you prefer an elegant, candle-lit Christmas table look or if you’re going for a more festive red, white and green theme, you’re sure to find some inspiration in these easy-to-pull-off table decor ideas.

Fun & Colorful Christmas Table Decorations

  • Use a white tablecloth.
  • Purchase white poinsettias and place them in multi-colored pots.
  • Get Christmas ball ornaments that match each of the pots and hang about three of them on each of the poinsettias.
  • Arrange the pots down the center of the table.
  • Use dishes that coordinate well with the colors of the pots and ornaments.

Elegant & Classy Christmas Table Decorations

  • Lay a textured white tablecloth onto your table.
  • Run a 6″ wide red velvet table runner down the center of the table, going the long way.
  • Place quart size glass jars on the runner, spaced at about one foot apart.
  • Tie a red velvet bow around each of the rims of the jars.
  • Place tea lights inside each of the jars.
  • Set evergreen sprigs and holly berries around the jars.
  • Set the table with crystal dishes and red fabric napkins.

Red & Green Christmas Table Decorations

  • Place a black tablecloth on the table.
  • Run a Christmas green table runner across the middle of the table, the short way. This will also be used as a placemat for the two people sitting on each side of the table where the runner is laying.
  • Put Christmas green placemats on the table in the places where the table runner will not be.
  • Set the table with bright red dishes.
  • Set the table with true silverware.
  • In the center of the table, place two bright red platters that belong to the dish set.
  • Fill the two platters with evergreen sprigs and pine cones.
  • Stand one tall and one medium height candle holder in each platter.
  • Place white candles on each of the candle holders and light them just before guests arrive.

Presents & Goodies

  • Collect empty boxes, such as cereal boxes, oatmeal canisters, shoe boxes, and anything else that you can find.
  • Wrap the boxes with Christmas wrapping paper, bows, and tags.
  • Put a Christmas patterned table runner down the center of the table, going the long way.
  • Arrange the “gifts” down along the table runner. You can stack them, lean them on each other, etc.
  • Wrap small mint boxes and place one in front of each dinner setting. Add a small gift tag to each present and use a small gift tag to write a name on each present – this small gift will be used as the name card.
  • Make 3 or 4 plates of goodies, such as cookies, candies, and brownies.
  • Set the plates on or next to some of the presents in the middle of the table.
  • Let guests and family members eat the goodies in the centerpiece and refill the plates as necessary.

Ornaments & More Ornaments

  • Purchase a variety of martini glasses and wine glasses with long stems. Some can have a wide rim, others narrow.
  • Run a layer of hot glue around the edge of the rims.
  • While the glue is hot, dip the rims in silver, gold, green, or red glitter.
  • After the glue has dried, arrange the wine glasses down the center of the table.
  • Put differently shaped and colored Christmas ornaments in each of the glasses. The narrow glasses will hold the smaller ornaments, while the wider glasses can hold larger ornaments. It’s okay if some of the ornaments poke up over the top of the rim.

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