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Taking down the Christmas decorations is such a hassle and to be honest, it’s not that fun. If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated even more decorations through the holidays, and now it’s time to figure out where to store them all. The following are some Christmas decoration storage tips to help you organize and pack away all of your holiday treasures so they’ll be easy to retrieve next holiday season. Before you begin the process of packing away your Christmas decorations, grab your label maker, some tape, and some small bubble wrap or leftover tissue.

Holiday Decoration & Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

Grouping Christmas Decorations
At this point, you probably have enough Christmas decorations to fill several 18-gallon totes. Before you start to just toss things in, take the time to organize and group your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations together.

  • Nativity Decorations. In one storage container, like our Ultimate Rolling Holiday Storage, place everything that goes to your nativity scene; the people and animal figurines, the manager, the stable, and perhaps even peat moss or snow blankets that you spread underneath the scene. If you string white lights throughout the peat moss, be sure that you include those lights with the nativity decorations as well. After the storage box is full, label it.
  • Christmas Ornament Storage. Nothing is worse than decorating half of the Christmas tree and not being able to find the rest of the ornaments. You might end up just leaving it that way, or having to purchase new ornaments for the other half. Here are some tips on how to store ornaments.
    1. Start by grouping all similar Christmas ornaments together. If you have multiples of one type of ornament, put them all in one pile. You want to be able to see all of the different sizes and shapes of your ornaments.
    2. Before placing the ornaments in an Ornament Storage Box, tear off small pieces of bubble wrap or leftover tissue and wrap the ornaments for protection.
    3. Adjust the rows in the ornament storage box to accommodate the different sizes of ornaments and start placing the larger ornaments in the storage box.
    4. If you have any leftover space in the ornament storage box, you can add the other Christmas tree decorations into the storage box – This would the bows, the lights, the star, the angel, etc.
  • Outdoor Christmas Decoration Storage. When you take down the wreaths, garlands, lights, and Christmas lawn decor, group all of the outdoor Christmas decorations together and store them in the same area. Get a Double Wreath Storage Bag or Hanging Wreath Storage Bag and keep your wreaths and wreath decorations safely stored in one storage bag. Use a Garland Storage Bag that is large enough to hold your garland and any decorations that you add to it. If you can’t place your outdoor Christmas yard decor in its original box, store it in an Outdoor Christmas Storage Bag that has a heavy-duty design to keep your Christmas decorations dry and dust-free. If you used extension cords on your Christmas yard decor, try and store them with the appropriate decoration so you won’t have to hunt around in your garage for a cord next season.
  • Outdoor Christmas Light Storage. Wrap your outdoor Christmas lights around a spool and place them in a Christmas light storage bag so they will be tangle-free and ready to roll when it’s time to pull them out next year. Store any additional lights that fit on the light string in the same storage bin and label the bin before putting it away.
  • Christmas Tree Storage. Christmas tree storage has come a long way. Now you can choose from a Christmas Tree Storage Bag, an Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag to a plain, duffle-like Christmas Tree Storage Bag. Determine where you’re going to store your Christmas tree before you decide on the type of storage bag you will need.
  • Wrapping Paper Storage. Store all of your Christmas wrapping paper in one Wrapping Paper Storage Bag and keep it separate from all of your other wrapping paper. Place a set of scissors, tape, tissue, gift tags and bows all together in one storage bag so you just have to pull out one bag next year.

Additional Christmas Storage Tips

Here are a few tips to help you protect your breakable Christmas decorations before you put them away.

  • Wrap them in bubble wrap. You might not want to purchase bubble wrap, but if you think about it, it would be a lot cheaper than replacing some of the more expensive Christmas decorations. And, if your Christmas decorations have been in the family for some time, they may be irreplaceable.
  • Save your wrapping paper and wrap glass dishes in it before you stack them. By doing this, they will not get chipped up by banging against each other.
  • Label everything! Add labels to all of your Christmas storage bins so you won’t have to hunt through every bin next year to find that one, special decoration.
  • Make a list of everything that was used up and needs to be replaced. You can stock up on tape, wrapping paper, etc during an after-Christmas sale.

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      Hi Jeanne,
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