Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces: Easy Transformations

Christmas centerpiece with candle and greenery

If you live in a small home or apartment, you may struggle to decorate for the holidays. After all, you don’t want your living room to look cluttered. But on the other hand, you don’t want it to look as if you don’t have any holiday spirit. Right? Of course not! The key to decorating is to choose a few key pieces and use them wisely. Keep reading to learn about Christmas decorating ideas.

How to Transform Your Small Space for Christmas

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These simple Christmas decorating ideas will show you how to transform your small space into a major celebration.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Decorate Your Mantel

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Hang your stockings below, but don’t forget to decorate the top of your mantel! Our Cambridge Pre-Lit Cascading Christmas Garland is a life-like garland that includes 100 warm white LEDs. Drape this beautiful garland over your mantel and leave a few branches to dangle and cascade over the sides. You can weave this Christmas garland in and out of other mantel decorations like candlesticks. Set the built-in timer to keep the lights on for 6 hours and off for 18.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Mantel Swag

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Another way to decorate your mantel in a small space is to drape elegant Christmas swag. Our Pre-Lit Madison Teardrop Christmas Swag is a natural-looking greenery with an elegant red and gold shatterproof ornaments, pine cones, and faux berries. This Christmas décor has a timer feature, too, so you can set the 30 warm white LEDs for an elegant glow. Use the timer function to set the lights for 6 hours and off for 18.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Adorn Your Windows

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When you’re thinking of Christmas decorations for a small space, don’t forget your windows! We love the look of window icicles because they’re designed to go inside your window, inside and out. You just attach them to a window glass with suction cups. Each strand of lights hangs straight thanks to patented stay straight clips. Mix and max white, warm white, or multi-colored strands. No matter how compact your living space, you can add a festive look to your windows or patio doors by lighting them up with Christmas lights.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Decorate with Small Christmas Trees

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Decorate your small space with pre-lit entryway Christmas trees. Why? Because you may not have room for a 6-foot Christmas tree. And quite frankly, you may not want to deal with unpacking and repacking it after the holidays are over. The realistic branches are wrapped with clear mini lights and lights shine through the translucent panels of the glitter-gold base. The result is a stunning prism effect. You can place one in your living room and another in a guest bedroom. Decorating with Christmas trees has never been this easy!

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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Now that you know how to decorate your small space for Christmas. Here’s a final tip: wrap some small boxes like gifts and scatter them throughout your Christmas decorations. You may also string a few lights around the room to add an especially homey touch to your apartment or small space.

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