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Christmas decorating can get a little overwhelming sometimes. There are a lot of areas of your home that you probably want to decorate; the dining room, living room, family room, hallways, entry way, the porch, the yard, and more. Perhaps decorating just isn’t your cup of tea. There’s no reason why you have to stress over it. Turn decorating into a game and then when you look at the entire house that you have to decorate, it might not be quite as overwhelming. The following tips will get you started.

Take Inventory
Before you can create your own Christmas decorating games, you will need to take an inventory of what decorations you have to work with and what rooms you are going to decorate. Something that might help you to do this could be to enlist the help of the entire family. Have each of them take a room and write down every spot that you could decorate in that room. For example, someone in the living room might write down the fireplace mantel, around the windows, on the end tables, and on the front door. When all the rooms are inventoried, give everyone their own box of Christmas decorations and do another inventory. Have each person write down the items that are in their box. After you have an idea of what you can use to decorate which rooms, the fun can begin!

Create Your Own Christmas Decorating Games
Now that you’ve got some lists of areas to decorate and a good idea of the Christmas decorations you have to work with, you can come up with some fun games. As you come up with games, consider the age and skill level of your children. For example, if you have toddlers at home, you probably wouldn’t want to see who could hang the most glass ornaments from your chandelier. If you have “cool” teenagers at home, you probably wouldn’t have a game to see who is the most well-behaved because the elves are watching. You could, perhaps, work with your family to see what types of games they would enjoy. Some examples of Christmas decorating games might include:

  • Have a contest to see who can hang the most ornaments on the tree in a certain amount of time. The winner gets to put the tree topper on at the very end.
  • Choose an ornament that is “it”. Everyone pulls one ornament out of an ornament storage box without looking and hangs it on the Christmas tree. Whoever gets the “it” ornament gets a prize or gets to place the tree topper on top.
  • Wrap one color of Christmas lights around your banisters and railings, but switch just one bulb out with a different color. After the lights are strung, plug them in and whoever finds the one different colored bulb first gets a prize.

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