How to Choose a Dog Crate

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After you’ve decided you’re going to crate train your dog, you’re ready to select the dog crate that you’re going to use. Whether you’re using your dog crate inside or outside the house, here are some tips on how to select the right one for you and your pet.

  • Make sure the dog crate is large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down – not too much extra space.
  • For puppies, choose a dog crate that will fit his adult size – some metal crates have dividers that can be removed as your dog grows.
  • Whichever dog crate you choose, use the same one as often as you can. Consistency is the key for your dog to feel safe in his new “den.”

Dog Crate Choices

Dog Crates that Double as Furniture
Choose a dog crate to match your home decor & doubles as furniture so it takes up less space.
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  • A wooden dog crate blends in with your home decor & doubles as a side table in your living room or bedroom so your dog will be where he’s most comfortable – right by your side
  • A resin wicker dog crate has built-in feet that elevate the crate for ventilation while protecting your floor & a removable pan to catch debris like a chewed up dog bone

Portable Dog Crates for Travel
Choose a portable dog crate if you plan on ever transporting your dog or if you want to be able to break down the dog crate when guests arrive. For airline travel, you’ll want to use a plastic dog crate, so if you plan on doing a lot of flying with your dog, you’ll want to use the same plastic dog crate at home as well.
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  • A Metal portable dog crate has a removable divider panel to use as your puppy grows & folds flat for easy storage. It has no solid sides so the crate stays cool during warm months.
  • A fabric exercise pen is a ventilated soft, but sturdy place for your dog to rest while he’s at the park, camping, riding in the car or watching his owner play a soccer game.

Outdoor Dog Crates & Dog Houses
If you want to keep your dog outdoors, choose an outdoor dog crate or dog house, but only after your dog has been crate trained and is comfortable being in a crate without you nearby.

For a handy way to review this information on pet crates, check out this Dog Crate Infographic.
How to Choose a Dog Crate

Now that you know what’s available, which dog crate would you choose? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. John says:

    when choosing a dog crate I always think if it is comfortable for my dog and will he love this. i always keep that in my mind.

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