• Caribbean Spiced Glazed Shrimp and Vegetable Kabob

    Caribbean-Spiced Shrimp & Vegetable Kabobs Recipe

    Take your dinner from boring to tangy with this Caribbean-Spiced Shrimp & Vegetable Kabobs recipe. These summer skewers are super easy to make and make a great treat for the beach or poolside. For a sweet treat during the day,

  • Basil Lime Chicken

    Chicken with Basil and Lime Recipe

    Want a new way to prepare your chicken dinner? Make this Basil Lime Chicken recipe. Prepare the marinade during the day, and grill at night! Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make this delicious summer recipe.

  • Summer Cocktail with Pineapple and Strawberries

    Coconut Pineapple Smoothie (Kid + Adult Versions)

    Looking for an easy-to-create Summer drink that will be refreshing for both kids and adults? Learn how to make a Coconut Pineapple Smoothie that’s kid-friendly during the day and deliciously satisfying for adults at night.

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    Halloween Food Ideas for an Adult Halloween Party

    Are you looking for unique and delicious Halloween food ideas for your party? We can most definitely help you with that. Learn how to make “Rotten Deviled Eggs” and “Spooky Pasta” to fill your stomach and a little Blood Punch

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    Halloween Treats for Kids

    Making fun Halloween treats with the kids is a wonderful tradition. Your kids will love them and literally eat them all up. The following are some Halloween treats for kids that are easy to make and even more yummy to

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    Easy-To-Follow & Refreshing Summer Drink Ideas

    We were playing around on location in Florida and decided to whip up some fun summer drinks. They were delicious, so naturally we wanted to share them with you. These fruity drinks are just perfect for poolside or on your patio on

  • Collage of images including bagged chestnuts, patrons on a chestnut farm and roasted chestnuts in a bowl

    The Chestnut: Foraging & Roasting One of Nature’s Seasonal Treats

    Have you ever considered preparing chestnuts? Perhaps after listening to the classic Christmas carol that references roasting them on an open fire? Well, we have always wanted to try out the seasonal snack, as well. Harvested and ripe for the picking in the

  • Holiday Photoshoot Preview collage featuring behind the scenes image and front of home decorated for Christmas

    Holiday Decorating Recipe: Behind the Scenes of an Improvements Catalog Photo Shoot

    We begin shooting our holiday items in August so that we have enough time to perfect each spread in the catalog before it reaches your doorstep. At this time the weather in Northeast Ohio is, well, anything but wintery with temps that

  • Food Ideas for a Halloween Party

    Fun & Creepy Food Ideas for a Halloween Party

    Once a month, the different departments at Improvements Catalog take turns hosting breakfast. Last October, the Creative Department (that’s my team!) decided to step up the game and go all out. We decorated the entire lunchroom, played Halloween movies, and

  • Halloween Food Ideas

    Halloween Food Ideas

    These Halloween recipes are quick & easy, but definitely ghoul-tastic! If you’re looking for some Halloween food ideas for your Halloween party we’ve put together some tasty treats that are fun and easy to make like eyeball cupcakes, ghosts in