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    Poinsettia Care: How To Care for Your Plant

    Did you know that the poinsettia plant is the national emblem of Madagascar? Furthermore, the ancient Aztecs referred to poinsettias as ‘cuetlaxochitl’. Of course, they knew about poinsettia care and had many uses for the plants. For instance, they used the

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    How to Grow Your Own Fall Harvest Decorations

    Autumn is such a great time of year. Nature is really at its peak with bold and rustic colors and it makes for beautiful surroundings that you can use as inspiration. Pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn and other fruits and vegetables

  • Raking leaves.

    Fall Gardening Tips: Clean Up Your Garden and Lawns

    You’ve tilled and toiled your garden, mowed your lawns, cut flowers, and trimmed trees and shrubs, so the last thing you probably want to think about is tending to your garden in the fall. Alas, you know that you must because

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    Gardening Tips: What to Plant in the Fall

    Just like spring, fall is ideal for planting. Why? Because the cooler temperatures, rainfall, and short, bright days will help plants make a fast and easy transition to your landscape. In fact, the entire first half of autumn gives them

  • Fallen leaves on a yard.

    Fall Lawn Care Tips To Improve Your Yard

    It may seem counterproductive, but autumn is the perfect time of year to do yard work. With the cooler temperatures and frequent moisture, fall is the ideal season to prepare your lawn for the spring. To help improve your yard

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    Do It Yourself Pest Control: Make Your Yard Pest-Free

    Your yard, garden, and patio are areas of pride, joy, and relaxation. However, they can be ruined by unwanted guests. Bugs and pests live outdoors so they kind of come with the territory, but you don’t have to let them

  • Spraying flowers with garden fertilizer

    Gardening Tips: What You Need to Know about Garden Fertilizer

    When it comes to gardening, you probably have one goal: to make sure your garden thrives and produces plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables. But how do you do this? With the right garden fertilizer, of course. After all, if

  • Garden tools in the dirt

    7 Must-Have Gardening Tools and Their Purpose

    It’s about that time of year to start gardening or at least planning your garden depending on where you live. To properly prepare, plant and maintain a healthy and attractive garden, you need the correct gardening tools. But do you

  • Raised garden bed in a backyard

    How to Prevent Common Garden Pests

    Planting a garden can be a very therapeutic experience. Getting outdoors, enjoying the sun, feeling the soil and planting life to watch grow and thrive is such a delightful hobby for many people. However, it can also be incredibly frustrating, thanks to

  • Landscape edging for flowers and shrubs

    5 Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

    Winter may be in full swing, but now is a great time to start thinking about front yard landscaping ideas! It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a warmer climate and can get started or if you just need something to get you