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    The History of Halloween

    Have you ever wondered about the history of Halloween? It’s an annual celebration that occurs every October 31. And let’s face it. When most of us think of the holiday, we think of going to haunted houses, dressing up in

  • Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

    Easy Zombie Makeup: How To Paint Your Face Like a Zombie

    Listen to this: zombies are everywhere. They’re in comic books, graphic novels, movies, and TV shows. You know what that means, don’t you? They’re a popular Halloween costume for kids and adults! And you know what else? You’ll need an easy

  • Outdoor halloween decorations, cat and witch silhouettes

    Halloween Party Ideas: Use a Checklist to Keep Track of What You Need

    Do you love throwing spooktacular Halloween parties? If so, you’ll want to use a checklist to make sure you get everything you need, from food to decorations. Why? Because planning a party takes time and is a lot of work. And

  • Jack Skellington makeup tutorial

    How To Paint Your Face like Jack Skellington

    Do you love Disney’s Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington? If you said Yes, then get a load of this: we created an easy makeup tutorial. Just imagine painting your and your kids’ faces for Halloween. Does this sound

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    How To Paint Your Face like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Are you a fan of Disney’s Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas? After all, Jack Skellington and Sally are two of the most beloved animated characters in a film. Since we created a Jack Skellington easy makeup tutorial, it made sense to create

  • Halloween decorations, skeleton pathway markers, shaking skeleton, and DIY hanging ghost

    Haunted House Ideas: How to Make Your Own Haunted House

    Do you live in a neighborhood where you have a friendly Halloween house decorating competition? Or maybe you like to have Halloween parties. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to check out these ideas for haunted house rooms. Make your

  • Halloween decorations, zombie and DIY tombstones

    Halloween Decor: How to Make a Halloween Graveyard

    If you love decorating for Halloween, you probably look forward to finding new Halloween decorations to incorporate with old favorites. After all, the holiday only comes once a year. In other words: you should enjoy it as much as you

  • Halloween craft, DIY hanging ghost

    Halloween Craft: DIY Hanging Ghost

    If you love to do a diy Halloween crafts each year, check out our DIY hanging ghost. It’s super easy, and you can have your kids help, as long as you supervise them. Make as many of these ghosts as

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    Unique Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

    Unlike an adult Halloween party, hosting a Halloween party for kids calls for less-scary Halloween decorations like happy pumpkins, playful-looking bats, and spiders, streamers and banners – all in bright and exciting Halloween colors. Here are some clever and unique

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    Unique Decorating Ideas for an Adult Halloween Party

    Are you looking for unique Halloween party ideas? We’ll show you some creative decorative ideas using DIY Halloween decorations, some spooky Halloween home decor and give you some creative food ideas for your adult Halloween party. Feel free to use