Bright vs. Warm White Christmas Lights

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When it comes to Christmas decorating, everyone knows that Christmas lights are a must, however, choosing what color and what types of Christmas lights can be challenging. You can string Christmas lights around the exterior of your home, through your trees, and along walkways and paths in your yard.

You can also incorporate lighted outdoor Christmas decorations in your holiday display.

Inside your home, you can string Christmas lights up the stair rail, inside your Christmas wreaths, wrapped around the Christmas tree, and trailing along the mantel. If you’ve looked around at all, you’ve surely found that Christmas lights come in a couple of different hues of white; a warm, yellowish glowing white from Incandescent lighting and a bright, blue-ish white that shines from LED lighting.

The Differences Between Bright LED & Warm White Christmas Lights

Warm White Christmas Lights – The biggest benefit of the warm white Christmas lights is that they are not a harsh light – they give off a yellowish glow and are perfect for creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. If you have Christmas decorations that were purchased a few years back and they appear to give off a warm glow, they are most likely incandescent white Christmas lights. One drawback to using incandescent lights is that they draw more energy than LED lights, so you won’t find a battery-operated version since the amount of energy that it draws would kill your batteries too quickly.

Bright LED White Christmas Lights – Many people refer to LED white Christmas lights as being “contemporary lights” because of the blue-like light that they give off. This is mainly due to the lack of light that projects out; unlike an incandescent light that “glows”.

The LED white light is sharp and is great if you want your Christmas decorations to be extremely bright or if you want to achieve an icy look. There are some advantages to using LED white Christmas lights; low energy use, low breakage rate, and because of the low power they require, you can add more lights to 1 plug. The downside is that there are several manufacturers of LED white lights so it might be challenging to match up the color if you spread your purchases over the years.

Warm(ish) LED White Christmas Lights – Just recently introduced into the marketplace, warm LED white Christmas lights will fall somewhere in between the bright, LED white Christmas light and the incandescent warm, white Christmas light. These LED white Christmas lights are used when you want or need to mix your older incandescent lights with some newer bright, LED white Christmas lights in your holiday display. It glows a little bit better than cool white LED’s but won’t necessarily achieve a total incandescent look.

These warm LED white Christmas lights will look similar to incandescent lights, but since they don’t pull as much energy, they can be battery-powered. This allows you to use battery-operated wreaths, garland, topiaries and other Christmas light sets while blending your ul listed trees, garland and topiaries in the same holiday display.

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Posted by: Cyndee DAgostini
2 comments on “Bright vs. Warm White Christmas Lights
  1. Ron Grabyan says:

    I have been using warm white mini-lights for a few years now. They are fantastic giving a warm glow, more yellow, like an incandescent string of lights. However, this concept has not been carried into the multi-colored lights, they are still way too bright and neon-like. When will the industry develop and market multi-colored lights that look more like their incandescent cousins? I will not buy the current overly bright multi-colored lights so prevalent on the market today. By the way, I am a huge LED fan–my entire house and landscape lights have been converted to warm white LED with a high CRI (color rendering index) of over 85. You can hardly tell the difference to the previous incandescent light. Be sure to get warm and high CRI lights, otherwise you will not be happy.

    • Amandah Blackwell says:

      Rob, we appreciate your comment! When it comes to lights, it is a matter of preference. Some prefer warm white mini-lights, while others like the brightness of multi-colored lights. LEDs are great and last for many hours. As technology progresses so will lighting options.

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