Benefits of Teak Furniture

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Teak is one of the strongest and most durable of all woods, which is why it is a favorite with furniture makers. Unlike most other woods, teak is so durable that it requires little or no care to maintain. When you first purchase your teak furniture, it will most likely be a golden-yellow color, which will usually last for the first season. Over time, the golden yellow will begin to mellow into a beautiful grayish tone, yet your furniture will remain hard and durable.

If you prefer your teak furniture to age gracefully to its natural state (a grayish tone), then you literally have to do nothing to it – you won’t have to stain, lacquer or paint it to keep it healthy and durable throughout the season. If you prefer your teak furniture to maintain the golden-yellow color, you will want to oil it to preserve the finish. Whether you choose to oil the teak or choose not to oil it, the teak furniture will remain strong throughout the years.

For hundreds of years, waterproof teak wood has been used to build large ships and boats. Since teak is so durable and long-lasting, it is cost-effective to use it to make patio furniture, teak bathroom furniture, teak door mats and bedroom pieces. Teak produces natural oils that repel bugs and rot, plus it also resists decay and splintering, which means your teak furniture will usually last for several decades with minimal care.

How to Care for Teak Furniture:

The only maintenance we recommend for your teak furniture is occasional cleaning. This should be done with a mild soap (such as gentle hand cleaning soap) and warm water to preserve its natural elements.

  1. Remove any dust from the teak furniture with a dry cloth. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe it down, then finish with a dry cloth.
  2. For teak furniture that needs deeper cleaning, you can use a very soft brush and a mild soap (like a hand cleaning soap or teak cleaner) and warm water to wash it down.
  3. Rinse the furniture off with warm water or a wet cloth.

If you want to keep the golden yellow look of your teak furniture, you can purchase special teak furniture oils that will need to be re-applied about every 3 months. Just know that the teak furniture oils are to keep the color looking golden; teak furniture oil does not need to be applied to keep your teak furniture strong and durable. If your teak furniture has started to turn gray and you want to return it to its golden yellow appearance, there are products out on the market that can help. These products are usually used in a two-part process, but be sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any products on your teak furniture.

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  1. alisha keyz says:

    i love teak furniture and am also proud of having a teak material in my house both for myself and for my children………….

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