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Whether you’re planning a BBQ party for a couple of friends or for the whole neighborhood, here are some fun BBQ games to keep the party going.

Add Some Excitement to Your Party With These 6 BBQ Games

Lawn Twister
This BBQ game is great for kids or adults – set up takes about an hour, but the fun will last all day long!

  • Cut a circle stencil about one foot in diameter out of cardboard
  • Using spray paint, stencil rows of 20 red, blue, yellow, and green circles on the lawn, each about 6″ apart (don’t worry, when you mow the grass later the paint will be gone)
  • Using the spinner from a typical twister game, play lawn twister

Cornhole (that’s Bean Bag Toss for those of you who are not in the Midwest)
Cornhole is a BBQ game in which players take turns throwing bean bags into a hole cut into an elevated board. You can either purchase a cornhole game complete with boards and bean bags or you can create your own personalized boards and bean bags. There are some good instruction sites on the web that will give you step by step instructions on how to make your own cornhole game. Here are the basic rules:

  • Four players break off in teams of 2 with each player receiving 2 bean bags
  • One player from each team stands next to a board and pitches a beanbag to a board placed on the far end, alternating between players
  • If the beanbag lands into the hole, you score 3 points. If it lands on the board, you get one point. The game ends when the first team scores 21 (or 14 if it’s really hot outside or 7 if you have really young kids playing)

You can either buy a set of horseshoes at a toy or hobby store or you can make a set on your own. To make a horseshoe BBQ game set:

  • Gather two straight metal or wooden rods, about 2-feet tall
  • Hammer each rod on opposite ends of the area you have set apart for the BBQ game, about one foot into the ground so they are stable
  • Check out a local farming store or craft store to see if you can purchase 6 horseshoes. If you can’t find any locally, you can always look online

If you have a Horseshoe game, you can follow the set up and directions that came with the game. If not, here are some rules on how you can play:

  • Each player stands about 40 feet away from the rods and each takes a turn tossing 3 horseshoes
  • Award people 1 point for getting within 6″ of the rod and 5 points for encircling the rod
  • Play until someone accumulates 40 points

This BBQ game customarily requires that you purchase a Croquet set. You could always get creative and make the game pieces on your own, but just plan on putting in a lot of time and hard work. Purchase a croquet set, position the court on the lawn, read the instructions, and have fun!

Water Balloons
There are many BBQ games you could play with water balloons and, let’s be honest, even adults will enjoy a little water balloon action once in awhile. Here are some entertaining games that you can play with water balloons:

  • A typical water balloon fight.
  • Water balloon volleyball. Two people hold a beach towel together. When the balloon flies over the net, catch it in the towel and toss it back. When it breaks on one side of the court, the other team scores a point.
  • Water balloon toss. Two people make a team. Each team has one water balloon and begins by standing toe to toe and tossing the balloon to their teammate. When you catch the balloon, you step backwards. Whichever team gets the farthest apart without breaking their balloon is the winner.

Potato Sack Race
This BBQ game is usually played by children, but given the right environment, adults may want to participate in a potato sack race, too! Using pillow cases or actual potato sacks, hop from one end of the yard to the next. Mix it up by creating an obstacle course to hop through. If you have enough people, you can create teams and have 2 people share a sack, each with one leg in and one leg out, and try to hop through a course – now that’s entertainment!
If you have any fun BBQ games that you have played and you want to share them, post them in the comments section below.

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