Video: Turn your Ordinary Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

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No matter how small or plain your backyard, you can turn it into the perfect spot to kick back and relax. All it takes is a few backyard ideas like the ones shown in our video. Check it out!

  1. Redefine Your Space. When your backyard is just an expanse of lawn and maybe a few flowerbeds, not only does it look boring, it’s also not a place where you want to spend much time. But you can make your backyard a vacation destination with just a few pieces of outdoor furniture and some great accessories. First, measure to see how much space you have to work with, then sketch out where you want your pieces to go.
  2. Start with Comfortable Chairs. Whether you want a quiet spot where you can stretch out and read or an area where you can entertain friends, you’ll want to make sure to provide comfortable backyard chairs. In our video, we feature our Deck Chair with Headrest. This sling-style chair sets up in seconds and comes in lots of great colors to express your personality. You can also add a matching ottoman to rest your feet. Both fold up and can be tossed in the car for taking to the beach or a picnic. Other outdoor furniture options include lounge chairs, gliders, rocking chairs, deep seat outdoor furniture, and freestanding swings.
  3. Add a Water Feature. There’s something about the sound of flowing water that enhances relaxation and inspires tranquility. Even if you don’t have room to create a pond, you can still enjoy the soothing sound of trickling water by adding a fountain. Easy to set up and beautiful to look at, our outdoor fountains come in styles from traditional to contemporary. If you don’t have an electric outlet nearby, look for one of our solar-operated fountains.
  4. Warm Up Cool Evenings. A fire pit is the perfect cool-night focal point. Providing warmth as well as ambiance, a fire pit lets you keep the party going well into the night with its mesmerizing flames and the woodsy smell of burning logs. Look for a portable fire pit with a screen cover to help protect against flying embers. TIP: You can also make your own fire pit easily: just rake an area of about 6′ in diameter until it’s cleared of debris, decide how large you want your fire pit, surround this area with a circle of rocks at least 10″ high, stack some dried wood in the center of the fire pit, light it and enjoy!
  5. Personalize Your Outdoor Oasis! Put your own personal spin on your backyard retreat by adding accessories that reflect your sense of style and fun. Wind spinners, bird feeders, garden decorations, pathway lights, trellises…the list goes on and on. But don’t overdo it! A few well-placed accessories are all you need to make your backyard space inviting and enjoyable.

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With just a little time, effort and some great backyard ideas, you can create the perfect place to chill out all summer long.

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