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Do you have a small outdoor living space? No problem! Check out these creative ideas on how to transform a small, unused outdoor space into a quaint eating area.

Have your next dinner party outside, under the lights. The folding table is quaint enough for an intimate gathering but has plenty of space for all of your drinks and entrees. To complete the look, add some colorful outdoor chair cushions and a round outdoor rug. Add some privacy by hanging outdoor curtains – they’re a perfect option when you need to create a temporary privacy wall…and they look good too! Enhance the mood of the evening by hanging some outdoor string lights around your patio setting.

Create an intimate dinner just about anywhere with this beautiful wood folding table and chairs patio set. Whether it’s on a small apartment patio or on a walkway on the beach, this patio set, along with some thick chair cushions, can be set up and ready to go in minutes. Don’t forget the lighting! Complete your look by placing some portable lanterns around or stringing up some outdoor lights.

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This folding table and chairs patio set creates a perfect place to sit when you want to enjoy a day by the pool. Set up is fast and easy enough for one person so while you and your guests are frolicking in the pool, you can get out, pull out the patio set and have your seating area ready in just minutes. Don’t forget to use your unbreakable glassware to prevent broken glass from ending up in your pool. When the sun starts to set, your Solar LED Lighted Umbrella will light up and provide a nice ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

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You can set up the folding patio set just about anywhere – it’s a great go-to if you have guests popping over for a quick chat. Just pull out the table and chairs, throw on some chair cushions, and add the umbrella to create a little shade. Voila! Your outdoor seating area is ready to go.

Backyard Ideas
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