Autism Awareness Chimes

Autism Awareness Chime

April is Autism Awareness Month and in honor of this designation, we’d like to share the story behind the Autism Awareness Wind Chime. It’s for sale year-round, but we feel April is the ideal time to introduce you to the remarkable young boy behind its creation, Tyler Doi.

Did you know that some people with autism respond to music on a very deep level? Award-winning musician Garry Kvistad knows this, thanks to Tyler Doi, a young boy living with autism. Garry is the founder of Woodstock Chimes, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind chimes, and he met Tyler when Tyler’s parents shared their son’s story with him.

Tyler is a bright little boy with an abiding interest in wind chimes—his parents Alison and Sean estimate that their son has nearly 100 of them—and he loves Woodstock Chimes in particular, thanks to their carefully curated tones. In fact, when the family drives past a house with a wind chime, Tyler can tell immediately whether the chime was made by Woodstock.

When he learned of Tyler, Garry Kvistad invited the boy to come see the studio. Garry was amazed by Tyler’s ability to identify each of the company’s chimes by sound alone. In fact, when Garry and Tyler went head-to-head in a name-that-chime contest, the young boy was able to identify the company’s chimes with uncanny accuracy—far better than the Grammy-winning founder himself.

Autism Awareness Chime
Garry was so moved by Tyler’s love for Woodstock Chimes that he created a special one in honor of Tyler. The Autism Awareness Wind Chime features the opening notes of Mozart’s Piano Concerto #21 in 5 hollow tubes. A gentle breeze sets them in motion, creating a soothing melody (which Tyler can recognize in an instant!). Dangling from this ash-wood-and-metal chime is a faux-Cloisonné medallion that features the brightly colored puzzle pieces that have come to represent autism awareness.

We at Improvements are proud to offer the Autism Awareness Wind Chime to you. Like Garry, we were moved by Tyler’s story, and as soon as we saw this special Woodstock Chime we knew this would appeal to our customers. Not only is it a beautiful wind chime in its own right—one that will add gentle beauty to your deck or patio for years to come—but 100% of Woodstock’s wholesale after-tax profits from these chimes goes directly to autism treatment programs and research.

>>Listen to the soothing melody of the Autism Awareness Chimes.

It’s a small but very real way that we can help honor a remarkable boy named Tyler and all of the other remarkable people living with autism, not just during the month of April, but all year long.

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3 comments on “Autism Awareness Chimes
  1. Carol Silveri says:

    I would like to order this wind chime please tell me how

  2. Luke Smith says:

    I like how these windchimes are bringing awareness to autism, so this would be great for anyone that deals with it in one way or another. I like the wooden kind myself, but any type is cool. I find it relaxing seeing in the backyard, and listening to them.

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