College Apartment Decorating: How to Furnish an Off-Campus Apartment

Off college campus apartment with sofa, 5-in-1 ottoman bed, and stool

Furnishing an off-campus apartment is both exciting and stressful because, on the one hand, you get to decorate your home and that can be fun. But if you don’t know what you need, you may stress out. Even though you may be tempted to panic, don’t. We’ve created a how to furnish an off-campus guide to relieve the pressure of styling your new place. After all, you should have fun with apartment decorating!

College Apartment Decorating Accessories

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If you move into a small apartment, you can build customized storage with the Perch™ Wall Storage System. Get this: all you do is mount the perch and a magnet wall organizer to your wall with the included hardware or integrated 3M© Command™ Mounting Strips. Use this handy wall storage unit in your bathroom and store your combs, hairbrushes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and small toiletries. Hang it in your kitchen to create a unique cooking utensils storage piece. Hang it in your entryway and put your smartphone, notepad, and pens in it. Like to craft? Store your crafting supplies in the wall organizer. This thing is so versatile – You may even use it to create an indoor apartment garden. Have fresh greens and herbs anytime!

Note: Hang the Perch™ Wall Storage on the Peel & Stick Wall Paper (featured in the image below) with the included hardware so it holds. Keep in mind that any holes you put in your off-college campus apartment will have to be repaired before you move out.Tip: If you need to fill picture holes before moving out, use painter’s putty or spackling. Just dab a little on your finger or a putty knife and cover the hole. You will only need a tiny amount (tip of a pin) to fill small picture holes so buy a small container.

Wallpaper can be a cool accent for a room. However, it can be a tedious process to remove. We have a better solution; Peel & Stick Wallpaper. It won’t damage walls so it makes a perfect wall covering for an apartment, and you can change the design in seconds because all you do is peel and stick onto a smooth, clean, surface to create the look you want. For instance, a white brick design in your kitchen will give you a cool vibe, similar to subway tiles, except peelable wallpaper is much less expensive. To create an accent wall in your living room, use a beachy or wood plank design. You can even create an accent wall in your bedroom. Peel & Stick Wallpaper will take your off-campus apartment from drab to fab in no time!

Add an accent wall in your apartment (bathroom, bedroom or living room) or create a backsplash behind your sink with Peel & Stick Wall Tiles because they’re waterproof, heat resistant, humidity resistant, and easy to clean. And since they’re easy to cut, you create any shape you desire. For example, you may like geometric shapes. Cut out circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles to create a cool abstract effect for a wall. If you’re artistic, you could cut out anything, from a tree to a horse. Mix and match wall tiles, and you can create a work of art. Take your wall décor to another level!

Get and stay organized and add some fun to your off-campus apartment with Peel & Stick Cork Organizers. You can configure them any way you like. For instance, use the cork organizers in your kitchen to post memos or to hold recipes. If you have a roommate who has a different schedule than yours, you can leave each other notes. Place them on a bedroom wall and hang your jewelry on them. Not only is this more cost effective than buying a jewelry armoire, but it doubles as creative wall décor. Of course, you can use the cork organizers in your living room to display photos. The Peel & Stick Cork Organizers come in three different styles, so you can create the pattern you want, from eclectic to simple. They’re safe for walls and removable when the time comes. No muss, no fuss!

Another off-campus apartment accessory, a must-have, is a power surge protector. Why? Because it diverts energy over the safe threshold to a protective component and ensures that a safe amount of electricity passes through devices. Protecting your electronics from power outages and lightning strikes is important. Luckily, the flexible Quirky Pivot Strip bends to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet. Plus, it’s available in white or turquoise so you can add some color to your off-campus apartment. You can always use extra power surge protectors, especially if you have family and friends stay over. They’ll want to protect their electronics, too.

Lastly, the Couchlet USB Charging Station is stylish, lightweight and super-slim. It slides in between the couch cushions or mattress and box spring with the fold-out arm and lets you conveniently use your mobile devices while they charge. The 6′ detachable cord uses your current wall charger and gives you 2 USB outlets for multiple devices. In a moment, you can easily charge your smartphone while you watch TV. Just imagine having a fully charged smartphone at your fingertips. Cool, don’t you think?

Decorating a College Apartment Bedroom

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Obviously, you’ll need a bed for your off-campus apartment. But if you have a small one bedroom or even a studio, you may opt for a bed that’s compact like the EZ Bed Inflatable Guest Bed. All you do is plug it in, and within minutes you’ll have a comfy, 8-1/2″ thick mattress. It’s lightweight steel frame “crawls out” automatically, expanding the mattress with it. It’s perfect for you, or use it as a guest bed. See that. Bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be big and bulky. It can be space-saving!

Since your bedroom is your haven, you may opt to buy a bed. But you’ll want a headboard to go with it. Why? Because it provides you with good support for when you want to read in bed. The Contempo Nailhead Upholstered Headboard for full or queen-sized beds will make the bedroom in your off-campus apartment a contemporary, classic place. The straight-line design is accented with natural linen fabric and finished with nail-head accents. It will complement your décor perfectly!

Let there be light! The black and satin steel base on the Clive Table and Floor Lamps creates a contrasting look that defines contemporary style. Get the table lamp, the floor lamp, and display the pair for a thematic, finished look. If you have a small bedroom, you may want to use the table lamp. However, if you have room for the floor lamp, use it as well. It’s up to you to decide how much light you’ll need in your off-campus apartment bedroom. Note: you can use these in your living room, too.

Before you leave for a class or your internship, make sure you see yourself from all angles with our Over-the-Door Triple View Mirror. This optical mirror gives you three times the point of view of you! It easily hangs on any door or closet. When not using the triple view, just fold both sides in, and you have yourself a traditional full-length mirror. Hang the mirror in your bathroom or bedroom. And remember what they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Always look your best!

Rhapsody Lined Cordless Roman Shades offer you both beauty and convenience for your apartment decorating while insulating your windows against heat loss, drafts, and hot sun (when closed). For decorating with natural materials, use Cordless Woven Bamboo Roman Shades. Like the Rhapsody, these natural bamboo window shades don’t have exposed cords so operation is smoother. They’ll give your bedroom, or even your living room, a clean look!

Finally, if you need to sit down, you’ll be glad you have the Orleans Entryway Storage Bench. The storage bench features three drawers that can hold scarves, small clothing, gloves, and more as well as four cubbies for footwear. The Orleans Entryway Storage Bench is a perfect example of multiple-use furniture. And let’s face it: your off-campus apartment may not be that big. After all, you can always use storage space and extra seating, right?

Dining in Your Office Campus Apartment

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You may not have enough room for a huge dining table. No problem. The Convertible Console/Dining Table is perfect for small spaces because it does double duty! This small space table converts in a snap to become a table for four. When your guests leave, convert it back to a single table. It’s two useful pieces of furniture in one – another great example of multi-use, small space furniture. And when you have an off-campus apartment, it pays to save money anywhere you can.

Not only do you need a dining table, but you also need dining chairs. Hamilton Wood Folding Dining Chairs are a simple and quick extra seating solution. They’re easy to maintain, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. The rich finish and faux leather seats complement most home décor. These dining chairs come as a set of two. But depending on the size of your off-campus apartment, you may want to get four. Not only can you use the extra seating, but you may use one of the folding dining chairs as a desk chair.

Decorating Your College Apartment Living Room

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If you have a small space, you need furniture that can do double and triple duty. Our 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed is a multi-use furniture piece that you can use as an ottoman, chair, bed, loveseat, and recliner. Furthermore, if a family member or friend visits you from out-of-town, all you have to do is convert the 5-in-1 Ottoman into a guest bed (use twin sheets). If you’re on a tight budget, it makes sense to invest in multi-use, space-saving furniture. Not only can you save money, but you can use your apartment’s space wisely.

Another great example of multi-use furniture is the Adjustable Height Coffee/Dining Table because it serves two functions in one stylish piece. The clever and contemporary coffee table opens into a full-size standard dining table at a moment’s notice. It’s perfect for a small space like your off-campus apartment. Of course, you can turn it into a cocktail table and use it for a dinner party. Another option is the space-saving, multi-use Storage Cube Table Set. The five-piece furniture set features a cocktail table and four ottomans that nest underneath. Use it for a game night or whenever extra seating is needed. Simply slide out the four cushioned ottomans from under the table.

Apartment decorating is simple with the super-soft and stain-protected Multi Medallion Area Rugs. They feature a striking repeating pattern and a luxurious hazelnut color palette. These area rugs are beautiful and high-performing, even for high-traffic areas like your living room. If you have a large studio apartment with concrete or hardwood floors, you may consider getting a few rugs. This way your feet won’t touch the cold floor.

Solid Wood Folding Bookcases will look right at home in your off-campus apartment. They feature roomy shelves that hold a variety of books, or you can use them to organize board games, display collectibles, or hold business binders. Add a mantel top (separate) for a traditional bookcase finish. Here’s another option, the Kingston Folding Bookcases. These beautiful storage shelves will hold your favorite items, then conveniently fold up for storage when you’re not using them. They’ll add charm and personality to your off-campus apartment, thanks to their “X” side details.

Since you may sit all day in class, you may want to get a contemporary Mobile Sit-Down/Stand-Up Desk. It features a top surface that’s perfect for laptop use, reading materials, and even meals. Easily raise the pneumatic-height adjustable frame to use while standing. Four dual wheel casters (two locking) let you position this handy desk wherever it’s most useful. Pair it with a student desk chair, which gives you extra seating.

When it comes to small spaces like an off-campus apartment, you don’t skimp on style when it comes to chairs. Take our Papasan Swivel Lounge Chair. Your friends and family will gravitate toward this comfy living room chair and may even get jealous if they can’t sit in it because, let’s face it, everyone loves a cool chair. The Papasan features a full 360-degree swivel that lets you easily adjust your position as desired. Our casual, bowl-shaped chair with comfy cushions will put you in relaxation mode all day long.

With its charming cottage styling and many storage options, a magazine end table is a beautiful addition to your off-campus apartment’s living area. Look for an end table that has a unique reversible design which allows you to position the racks on whichever side is closer to your chair or sofa. You’ll also want a magazine end table that has a storage drawer plus a slide-out tray to hold your cup of coffee as you relax. It’s another example of multi-use furniture that’s perfect for a small space.

If you have a tiny off-campus apartment, it’s not a challenge for a stylish console table, especially one that was built with storage in mind. The top drawers let you store smaller items like gloves, papers, and more. On top, you can place books, photos, a vase or flower pot, a decorative basket for your keys, or whatever you’d like. A console table is a great small apartment decorating idea because you get extra storage space. And if you have a small apartment, you can use all the storage you can get.

Use Easy Apartment Decorating Ideas to Style Your Off-Campus Housing

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When it comes to apartment decorating, consider the size of the space. If it’s small, use multiple-use furniture because one piece will serve more than one purpose. And keep in mind that you don’t want to over-furnish your apartment. Keep it straightforward and stylish, and it will be a place that you’re happy to call home.

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