7 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Using Common Household Items

How to get rid of ants

It doesn’t matter if it’s just one or two ants dashing across your floor or if it’s an entire colony marching in a straight line from one end of your home to the other, the bottom line is… you have an ant problem. If there is a just a couple of them, a common response might be to grab a can of ant spray or just smash them with your fingers, but you should know there are more lurking in the wings and they will come out to visit you. From regular chalk to yummy fruit, here are 7 creative pest control ways to protect your home or picnic from ants.

  1. Bay Leaves
    " "We all have bay leaves that we toss in a pot of soup every now and again. Put a leaf inside your flour, sugar or lay one on your pantry shelf if you are worried that the ants will want a taste. The smell of the leaf will repel the ants away from your baking goods.
  2. Vinegar
    " "Vinegar doesn’t actually kill ants, but the smell will repel them from the area. Simply add equal parts of water and vinegar in a bottle and spray it around windowsills, door jams and any cracks where you’ve seen ants. The vinegar spray creates an invisible barrier and will send the ants onto a new path. It’s also a good idea to bring a little bottle of it on your picnic!
  3. Talcum Powder
    " "Sprinkling talcum powder will cause ants to scatter, and if they’re approaching a pile of it, they will turn and head the other way. Sprinkle a liberal amount of the powder around the foundation of your home, as well as around entry ways where ants may get in, such as windows and doors.
  4. Flower Pot
    " "A simple flower pot may not look like a weapon against ants, but when used properly, it can help eliminate your problem. Place your flowerpot upside down on top of the anthill. Take a pot of boiling water and pour it through the drainage hole on the bottom of the pot. This will literally burn down the ant hill.
  5. Citrus Fruits (Oranges, Lemons and Limes)
    " "Ants will pack up and leave when you make a puree with orange, lime and lemon peels and warm water. Pour the puree into and around anthills and other cracks where you have noticed ants coming and going. The oil from the citrus peels kill ants and also creates a natural ant repellent. Not only will this send the ants marching, but it will make your home smell great in the meantime!
  6. Chalk
    " "It may sound like a silly idea, but chalk actually deters ants because of the calcium carbonate content that is in it. Let your kids draw a line around the entire house, perhaps adding extra beautiful artwork in front of doorways or cracks in the foundation where ants may be able to get in. You could also get powdered chalk to scatter in and around garden plants.
  7. Petroleum Jelly
    " "Any pet owner knows how frustrating it can be when you walk by yours pet’s food dish and notice a trail of ants marching their way to a snack. Don’t lose anymore food to those ants. To solve this problem rub a thin amount of petroleum jelly along the rim of the pet dish. This will create a barrier that the ants will not want to cross to get to the food.

Have you tried to get rid of ants and not had success? Let us know what method you used in the comments below.

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28 comments on “7 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Using Common Household Items
  1. Dee says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have tiny black ants around the sink and counter area that is driving me nuts! I am going to try talcum powder right away!

  2. charlene wright says:

    My sister told me to try the bay leaves so I bought some yesterday and I put it in the dog food bin and at my back door, and the ants are leaving, I couldnt believe I had never tried this before, but it actually works, and so does the Petroleum Jelly trick.

  3. Caroni Lombard says:

    I sprinkled baking soda along the crack between the counter and the wall by the sink. The ants are gone.

  4. Keri Curtis says:

    Just as Dee said: “…around the sink and counter area…” – – that’s the same for me. I am so glad to read these results and with no chemicals or danger to us. That is wonderful. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you. I am trying this today!!

  5. carl peiser says:

    what about use of baking powder?

  6. Fontelle Salzman says:

    Had an infestation of little sugar ants. First tried hair spray – it worked but expensive. Then tried window cleaner (in spray bottle) that contains ammonia, abailable at all $ stores and it really works, instantly!

  7. angela delpit. says:

    Hi! I used powered cayenne pepper. I sprinkled it around perimeter and over pile. They were gone next day ! Never returned!

  8. ross says:

    I happened to have a can of Goof Off spray laying around. One little spritz = instant & immediate death.

  9. Jay Cornfeld says:

    My wife and I use ground cinnamon . Last year I noticed a pile of small ants on the sidewalk. I sprinkled the cinnamon on them and they scattered right away. They did not return. Thanks for sharing other home remedies.

    • Richard Hellinger says:

      Tiny,tiny ants in back yard lawn…they build sandy cones above the ground. Nothing works. ANT spray killers keep them coming back !!!!! and those cones are all over time after time.!!!!

  10. roberta gilbert says:

    I just moved into a new home and noticed(after cleaning the bath room spotless)a nest of wood shavings. I asked someone about them and they told me they can bore through wood. I sprayed Raid ant and Roach killer 2 days apart…no more so far. Havent been able to find the ant hill. But I am a bug phobia in my home and had to get rid of them fast. Also had red ants which bit me and made me very ill, they too have left.

  11. thall says:

    I noticed when I bought the electronic rodent repellent and put them in areas like the kitchen counter top it stopped the mice and it worked for the ants too

  12. monica shunk says:

    was told to use borax detergent with powdered sugar spread around foundation have not done it yet has anyone tried this

    • JoeyBagODonuts says:

      I live in Florida. Fleas and palmetto bugs(the big cock roaches that fly)are also gone with borax… now if only we could get rid of mosquitos and love bugs.

    • JoeyBagODonuts says:

      Just sprinkle in cracks of couches and all the places you think 1 of these dirty little bugs will hide, and that is EVERYWHERE BUT plain sight. Goodluck

    • Dee Smart says:

      Use Vicks Vapor Rub for mosquitos. It wont get rid of them but it will keep them away from you.

    • Amanda says:

      my grandmother use to do this and it does work as well

  13. Jess says:

    I have tried chalk lines with no success. Ants walk right through the chalk.

  14. Brenda says:

    Baby powder works for me. I sprinkle it around the door and I haven’t seen ants for years.

  15. Margaret Thomas says:

    Forgot and left food dish on headboard of bed–next day dish was covered in little ants and have bites that I thought were spiders but I believe are ants. Sprayed down entire bed with ant spray and between mattress and washed off headboard and bed with soapy hot water. Still feel like I am sleeping in the outdoors and getting bites. Suggestions on what to use to wipe down bed with to get rid of ants. Not seeing any but still getting bit so must be there. Any help would be great!!

    • Nancy J Scroggins says:

      Are you sure it is ants? I am pretty sure you would be seeing them all over if it was ants. I hate to to tell you this but it totally sounds like it is bed bugs.

    • Lou DiDonato says:

      Sounds like you have bed bugs….

  16. Trena munson says:

    I have ants in my 2nd story bedroom. They are black and a little larger than average sugar ants. There is never more than one at a time but they are getting more frequent. I have not seen a single ant in the kitchen for 2 years. I dont have food in the bedroom. I put ant traps at window and below by vent with no luck. What else will work? Any help please.

    • Amandah Blackwell says:

      Hi, Trena. Thanks for your comments! Did you try any of the suggestions in our blog post? Other tips include:

      1. Create a mixture using 1 part Borax with 3 parts powdered sugar. Fill bottle caps with the homemade mixture (bait) and place them close to where you have ants in your bedroom. If you see trails of ants, place the bottle caps directly in their path to prevent them from traveling around your bedroom.
      2. Put cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree, or clove essential oil on cotton balls and place them where you see ants.
      3. Mix 1-part boric acid (find it at the pharmacy or in the laundry aisle at a grocery/big box retail store) with 10 parts sugar water. Add the mixture to the food you want to use, for example, peanut butter, as bait, and place it in the spots where you’ve noticed ants. The sugary mixture will draw the worker ants, and the boric acid will kill them—and their nest.
      4. Sprinkle cinnamon near entry points. However, do not put it on things that will stain.
  17. joan mctigue says:

    Ihave ants walking cable line right to my house. We can take cable line down but what do we put on it so anmts wont come back on it

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