7 Simple Rules to Being a Great House Guest

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Being invited to someone else’ house for Christmas is a treat for many people. If that opportunity arises for you, make sure you follow proper house guests etiquette, which includes the following steps…

House Guests Etiquette

  1. Bring a treat. You will probably have gifts that you plan on giving to the family, but be sure that you bring something sweet to eat during the party as well. Some suggestions are:
    • Chocolates
    • Pudding
    • Caramelized Nuts

    If you are not sure what to bring to the party, call the host and offer to bring something of their choosing. They might even have you bring the drinks, cheese, or any other part of the menu.

  2. Offer to help, but do not get in the way. While you are at the Christmas party, keep an eye on the host to see if he/she is getting stressed. If you sense that the host is unable to handle everything that is going on, you should offer to help. However, if the host denies you and doesn’t want your help, kindly consent and get out of the way. If your host wants to do it on their own, even if it causes them stress, they don’t want to trip over you in the meantime.
  3. Be flexible. Because you are the guest, you do not get to be in charge of the day and the schedule. You should set your entire day or two aside and allow the host to plan it out for you. Besides, it might be nice to just relax once in a while and let everyone else make the decisions for you!
  4. Watch for problems. As the party ensues, watch for potential problems and try your best to avoid them. For example, if your kids are running around the host’s home, causing a ruckus, it might be time to get them into bed. If you are not staying the night, you may want to just take the kids out for some cool air and give them a little chat.
  5. Don’t demand anything. Let your host carry out what they have planned. If you are craving a certain condiment, you might have to just use some self-control. If your favorite team is playing on TV after dessert, you might have to watch it online later, or prepare ahead and set the timer on your TV at home to get it recorded.
  6. Enjoy yourself. Even if you are typically a scrooge at Christmas time, just try to enjoy yourself. By accepting the invitation to be a guest, you have made a commitment to enjoy the holiday. Put a smile on your face, participate in the singing and games, and encourage others to join in as well.
  7. Be grateful. Thank your host for everything that he/she does for you. Thank them for the food, the fun games, the good company, and simply for hosting the party. Never complain about anything your host does. Make sure to follow up with a thank you card or a letter about a week later.

If you’re the host, you might want to check out our House Guest Furniture article that has some great ideas on how to set up your guest room.

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