6 Tips to Selecting the Right Topiary

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With many styles, shapes and sizes of topiaries, choosing which one you want can be a little overwhelming. But, never fear! If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be able to select the right topiary to beautifully accessorize your living space. And, once you’ve chosen your beautiful addition, check out our tips on how to clean and store it.

  1. Decide where you are going to place your topiary – at the front door, inside the home, by a pool, on a deck or patio, etc.
  2. Choose the shape of topiary that best fits in with your decor:
  3. Determine the topiary size you need based on the living area where you will be placing it. Make sure that if a planter, urn or basket is included that you have enough height, width and depth room for the space.
  4. Choose the style of artificial greenery that you prefer:
  5. Does the topiary need to be lighted? Some topiaries come pre-lit, however, if you find the topiary that you want and it does not have lights, you can drape low-voltage battery-operated lights on it.
  6. Place your topiary in a decorative urn. Topiary urns come in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes, but after you’ve selected your topiary and you know where you’re going to place it, choosing the right urn planter that blends nicely with your decor will be a snap. If an urn is not your choice of decorative container, perhaps a planter or basket would do.

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Topiary Care & Maintenance

Taking proper care of your artificial topiaries is important to keeping them maintained and looking nice. During the cold, inclement weather, make sure your topiary is placed undercover. If you find dirt, debris or even rain spots have accumulated on your topiary, restoring it back to its elegant self will be pretty simple:

  • To clean, just rinse the topiary with a soft spray from the outdoor garden hose; mild soap can be used but may not be necessary.
  • If your topiary is indoors, a cotton cloth or duster can be used to clean the leaves or branches.

If you decide to store your topiaries, follow these easy steps to ensure that your topiaries are in great shape when you want to display them again:

  • Make sure your topiary is perfectly clean (using the above guidelines)
  • Choose a clean, temperature-controlled storage area to house them in (if storing them in a basement, make sure they’re not close to a water heater or gas furnace)
  • Cover your topiary with a sizable, lightweight plastic garbage bag. Tie the bottom of the bag around the base to keep dust, etc. from depositing onto the topiary. String rope around the base of the topiary, on the bottom of the bag – You’ll want to keep the bag a little loose so you don’t smother the branches and leaves.

If you have any tips for selecting, cleaning or storing a topiary, write in the comments below or send an email to tips@improvementscatalog.com.

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