Merchant’s Corner: 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed Contemporary Furniture

5-in-1 Ottoman Bed

We sat down with Improvements Buyer Kris Streza to chat about one of our amazing products: the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed. When everyone saw it during our turnover meeting, they immediately fell in love with this stylish piece of contemporary furniture. Keep reading to learn what Kris has to say about it.

Contemporary Furniture: Everything You Need to Know about the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed

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No matter if you have a large or small space, the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed will work for you. As a buyer, I look for quality furniture. This piece is far superior to the old ottoman beds we used to carry because it’s built to last. And that’s just for starters. When I tested the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed, I noticed how comfortable it was.

I could imagine that our customers wouldn’t be ashamed to use it as a guest bed because as it folds out, you don’t feel the bars. It feels like a nice mattress. And because it’s a Twin size, you can easily find bedding. Lastly, the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed is durable. The upholstery is nice to the touch and sewn well. If you’re thinking about bedroom decorating, you’ll want to consider the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed.

Whether you’re a college student who wants to decorate a dorm room or have a family, the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed will work in your small space because it offers multiple configurations in the same piece. The same applies if you’re a young adult who’s just starting out. The 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed replaces several pieces of furniture, so if you have a limited amount of space, it’s a great home decor solution.

Families will love the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed because it comes in neutral colors, so it fits with any home décor. Furthermore, you may use it as an ottoman in front of an easy chair in your family room or living room. Of course, you could convert it whenever you need extra seating or a place to sleep for an impromptu sleepover. Finally, if you’re an empty nester, you could use it in your kids’ old room that you transformed into a master closet, craft room, man cave, etc. If your kid comes home for a visit, the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed can be set up in no time.

And, of course, the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed makes an ideal coffee table – just add a tray on top!

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People ask me all of the time why the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed is a Must-Have piece of contemporary furniture. One of the most important reason is it works well in small spaces because it has multi-uses. When you have limited space, all items need to have double, triple, or in this case, a quintuple uses. Since you can use the 5-in-1 Ottoman as a bed, chair, chaise, ottoman, and recliner, you won’t stress out about not having enough seating. Or accommodating out-of-town guests comfortably.

I know you’ll love this piece of multiple use furniture as much as I do!

What Room Will You Use the 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed In?

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The 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed is a great piece of apartment furniture because it has more uses than just a guest bed. For example, you can use it in your guest room, family room, living room, or even the basement. And since it’s available in four neutral colors, it will match your home décor!

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