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Improvements: Creating Solutions for the Earth

On April 21, 2018, 12 members of the Improvements family gathered together to unite with over 160 volunteers at the Cuyahoga (K AY – ah – H OH – g ah) Valley National Park (CVNP) to ring in the 48th Celebration of Earth Day. 

Improvements employees and their families spent their Saturday morning helping to plant 550 trees of varying native Ohio species, including American basswood, black cherry, shagbark hickory, and tulip poplar trees. Now, that’s a lot of hole digging!

Volunteers traveled near and far arriving at the event around 10:00 am. They gathered their gear (gloves, goggles, bug spray, and water) and hiked up, what some say, a large, muddy hill to the location where the planting was to occur. The area designated for planting trees used to be farmland. Any trees that used to be there were cut down and removed, leaving a vacant open space on top of a large hill.

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Video: Home Office Organization Simplified

If you’re just now creating a home office space or you already have one and you’re getting around to organizing it, these ideas will help get you on your way.

Summer Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating: Summer Guest Bedroom Cheat Sheet

We’re giving you bedroom decorating ideas could make your summer guests feel very much at home. In fact, they may never want to leave!

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Video: Get These 5 Easy Pantry Organization Ideas

In our video, we’re showing simple additions and updates to your pantry and cabinets that can make your kitchen a much more functional space.

Welcome to Room For Improvements!

At Improvements, we believe that do-it-yourself should never mean do-it-alone. Our creative team of home solution specialists is ready to answer your home decorating questions and share some of our own unique decorating ideas. Get tips on small space gardening, learn the latest trends in backyard décor and enjoy our library of how-to articles and videos that walk you through how to organize your home.

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Get the Look–Small Backyard Wedding

A backyard wedding makes for a personal, intimate, and memorable big day. We staged our own little outdoor wedding to help inspire your DIY wedding. 

4th of July Decorations-DIY Patriotic Wreath

Craft Project: DIY Patriotic Wreath

This patriotic wreath is the ultimate in Americana decor because it combines Old Glory with the tried-and-true bandana – the symbol of cowboys everywhere.

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Backyard Ideas – Sail Away with All-Things Nautical

Sail away with our nautical ideas to create a relaxing state of mind. For instance, mixing blue and white stripes with nautical print cushions will tie your whole look together.