Pool area with wicker raft caddy with wheels filled with pool stuff

Opening a Pool: The Must-Have Essentials You Need

Opening a pool. It’s something you may or may not look forward to doing. From cleaning to adding water, reinstalling deck equipment and setting up the filter and pump, it may take you time to get yours ready for the season. But once you do, you’ll be all set to dive in. Or will you?

Discover the essential items you need for your pool area. Keep your pool area clean with a trash can, one that’s durable and functional, and attractive and weather-resistant too.

Outdoor living space furnished with eucalyptus furniture

Outdoor Lounge Space: How to Create a Classic Look

We’ve created a guide that will help you create a classic look. Use it, and your backyard space will transform before your eyes. Let’s get started!

Outdoor curtains

Outdoor Living: How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains and shades can make your outdoor living space as inviting as your living room. Here’s an easy resource on how to hang outdoor curtains.

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Outdoor Living Video: How To Transform Your Deck

Our video will show will show you how you can turn a boring deck or patio into a private hideaway with just a few easy additions. Watch now!

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Pool area with eucalyptus outdoor furniture

Pool Party: Get a Handy Checklist

If you have a pool, you’ll probably want to invite family and friends over for a summer party. But before you do, use our pool party checklist to ensure you have everything you need.

Outdoor living space with wicker patio furniture

Patio Lighting Ideas: Create the Mood You Want

Did you know that lighting plays a role in the design of your outdoor living space? Not only does it add to your patio’s functionality, but it also creates an atmosphere.

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Outdoor Living Tip: How to BBQ

Your family has arrived, the drinks are chilled, and the games are started. Now it’s time to start preparing the food. Not sure how to BBQ? No problem! We’ll show you how.