Outdoor living space with piles of pillows and cushions along with a Buddha statue, foliage, and pebbled metallic garden stool

Gardening Design Ideas: How To Create a Zen Garden

Could you use a little more relaxation in your life? If so, a Zen garden may be just what you need. After, all Buddhist monks have been using them for centuries. In fact, the Zen gardens that you may be familiar with today showed up in Japan in the 11th century outside of Buddhist temples. They were created to give monks a space to contemplate and meditate on Buddha’s teachings, not to mention that the design and the gardens themselves were supposed to promote peace and harmony in a space.

It’s also widely believed that “Ishi-tate-so” (stone-setting priest) monks traveled around Japan to set up Zen gardens. They became a part of the Japanese culture by the 13th century.

At Improvements, we’re showing you how to create a Zen garden. Whether you have a large or small space doesn’t matter. You can create a tranquil outdoor space where you can retreat to after a long workday or whenever you need a break from daily life. Keep reading to learn how to create a Zen garden. Let the relaxation begin!

Outdoor cushions and pillows

Use This Easy Guide to Add Style to Your Patio

Mixing cushion colors, fabrics, and patterns can freshen up the look of your patio. To inspire you, we’ve created a guide to help you add style to your patio!

How to Add Privacy to Your Deck

Outdoor Living: How to Add Privacy to Your Deck

We have several ways to make your outdoor living space more private. From deck privacy screens to balcony screens, we have just the outdoor screen you need. 

Outdoor living space with wicker patio furniture

Patio Lighting Ideas: Create the Mood You Want

Did you know that lighting plays a role in the design of your outdoor living space? It adds to your patio’s functionality and creates an atmosphere. 

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Small outdoor living space with wicker outdoor furniture

Outdoor Living: Small Patio Furniture Ideas

A small patio can be big fun if you choose patio furniture that adapts to smaller spaces. Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort or style.

Outdoor furniture covers

Which Outdoor Furniture Covers Do You Need?

Think about this: if you like to sit outside, you’ll want to protect your patio furniture against rain, snow, ice and the blazing sun.

Solar Lights FAQs

Outdoor Lighting: Solar Lights FAQs

Outdoor solar lights need direct sunlight to receive a full charge during the day. At night, the solar outdoor lights will need the darkest area of the yard.